TPC Car Show

TPC Car Show

One of the cool things about PGA Tour tournaments played in Florida is that many of the players drive their own cars to the events rather than rolling in boring courtesy Buicks. The Players Championship is an especially good place to check out the heavy metal because player parking spots are assigned, with helpful placards bearing their names. This afternoon I spent some time trolling the parking lot at Sawgrass, to see what can be learned.

For starters, it appears that having a flossed-out BMW is as standard for Tour players as a significant other who looks like a cocktail waitress. Vaughn Taylor, Stuart Appleby, Richard S. Johnson, J.B. Holmes, Ian Poulter and Chris DiMarco are among those driving Beemers, with all but Taylor’s being souped-up Motorsport editions. Bonus points to Poulter for his sweet M5 with chrome rims and an IAN P vanity plate.

Another popular genre is the macho truck. Vijay Singh drives a hulking black Dodge SRT-10, Hunter Mahan a Ford that looks like the spawn of Big Foot and Peter Lonard a slammed Lincoln Blackwood. The choice of SUVs is also revealing: Camillo Villegas a sleek Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Frank Lickliter a beefy, politically incorrect Hummer H2, Luke Donald a vanilla Escalade.

Best car in the lot? That’s easy: Nick Faldo’s Maybach.

As for Tiger and Phil, they toed the company line, rolling SUVs from Buick and Ford, respectively. I guess when you’ve made tens of millions of dollars endorsing car companies, you don’t have to show off. homepage | Read the blog | Customizable leaderboard | Photos: Round 2 | Mickelson | Woods