Don't like Scott McCarron's putting technique? Go ahead and whine. In this Champions Tour player's eyes, who just notched his fourth win in the last year, he's legal. He says it's time to listen up.

Dave Pelz wants to share his putting truths

Dave Pelz’s 10 truths about putting

I could talk for weeks about my 50-year infatuation with all things putting. But I figured Iā€™d just give you the CliffsNotes instead. Enjoy!

Get more out of your long bunker shots

Different bunker shots require different technique. When you're backed up to 30 or 40 yards away, remember to swing big and extend.

Looking for laser-like short irons? It's time to grip down.

You'll rarely see pros make a full, all-out swing with their wedges or short irons. They usually dial it down to 75 or 80 percent of their full tempo. Why?

Learn how to conquer any downhill lie

How to handle a downhill lie

To ensure solid contact you'll need to check your shoulders, feet and arms. Only then can you think about sniping the green.