Putting is very simple in nature. So is this drill. All you need are three quarters and a wide-open green. Spend 30 minutes on this tip and you'll be sinking birdies in no time.


Learn to Lag Putt Like the Pros

Although the best putters gain the most strokes on short putts, when it comes to avoiding three-putts, distance control is priority no. 1.

Putting: Nail Speed from Any Distance

Make your stroke even on both sides of the ball for Tour-level distance control.

Putting: Stop Pushing Putts to the Right

If you want to kiss three-putting goodbye, set the face square at address and make sure it returns to square at impact.


Try This Unique Grip to Improve Your Putting

There's nothing worse than leaving a birdie putt (any putt, really) short. It tends to happen when you swing up on the ball.