Questions for … Ryan Moore

"I rotate caddies every two or three weeks. It keeps them and me fresh."
Jeff Newton Photography

Do you have a style icon?
I'll just pick pieces here and there, where it just looks right for some reason. It fits. I love the classic era of golf. That's what I like to look back on. The Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead look and feel. There's a mystique about it. It's so dignified. It just had this professional presence. It was a pride thing. I appreciate that.

In an SI profile last year, you said you didn't have sponsors because, 'I want to be confident and comfortable, and I don't want to be misleading the public, companies or sponsors.' Do you think others mislead the public through their endorsements? How so?
I wasn't necessarily pointing fingers, or saying that is what goes on. But there are people that just have bag deals, essentially, and the public might assume that everything in that bag is from the company, and that's not the case. I understand signage and getting your name exposed, but if I'm playing a bag, I want the stuff in that bag to be from the company. A few years ago I just couldn't commit to that.

What are you using now?
I signed with Adams at the end of this last year. It was a really easy decision. I'd been playing their driver, a fairway wood and hybrids without getting paid for two years.

You have two caddies—your younger brother, Jason, and J.D. Rastovski. How does that work? Does the nonworking caddie still come to tournaments?
They rotate every two or three weeks. It keeps them fresh and it keeps me fresh. They both know my game really well, and I'm comfortable and have performed great with both of them. J.D. is actually my brother's best friend. When they're off, they do little stuff with some of the businesses we run at home. We have a golf course up in Washington that we run, in the Tacoma area. It's a public course called the Classic Golf Course. It's a great place. I practice and play there all the time when I'm home.

What inspired you to buy that golf course?
My dad's always kind of been a smallbusiness owner and an entrepreneur. A long time ago he did commercial real estate for a prominent businessman in our area who owned this piece of property, and my dad said it would be a great golf course. The guy said to go do it, so my dad built the golf course, he was the project developer. It was his baby, but it changed hands like four or five times over the years. We had the opportunity to buy it and we did it because we really care about golf in that area.

Are you still dating a journalist? Do you know all of our secrets?
I still know all of your secrets. I took a lot of classes in journalism, but I'm no longer dating a journalist. I'm with an amazing girl. I've had some interesting, really great things happen over the last month. It was somebody from college who I had never really gotten over. I finally said something a month and a half ago. Fortunately for me the feelings were mutual. It's such a complicated story I couldn't explain it all to you in an hour, but I am very, very happy right now, and will be.

Are you engaged?
No, no. Not yet. That's still a little bit down the road. She was a soccer player at UNLV. Nichole Olson.

You're known as being a feel player. Brandel Chamblee recently told us that technique/video-obsessed teaching is a 'cancer' on the game. What's your take?
I certainly agree that it can be overdone, but everybody is different. Some people are more analytical and structured, but I view the golf swing as a lot more of an athletic motion. There's one position that really matters and that's at impact. Clearly my swing is not the most normal swing in the world, so of course I should think that way, but I grew up playing a lot of different sports. It doesn't have to look pretty; my dad taught me the goal is to get the ball in the hole. I don't think there's a perfect golf swing. It's about figuring it out for yourself.

Who's more of a style trendsetter, you or Fred Couples?
I am not even close, let's just say that. Freddy is Freddy. I don't even try to compete. I'm not in the same ballpark as him. Give me a few more years.