Public Enema No. 1

Tim Clark
Simon Bruty/SI

Tim Herron: "It's a bad hole that used to be good. They raised and tilted the green, so now it's too severe. I can see getting penalized, but you shouldn't get an 'other.'"

Billy Andrade: "You used to be able to bail out right. Then they contoured it to run toward the water. Ray Floyd put a bunker left, then they took it out, then they lengthened [the hole]. You have to play it perfectly."

Tim Clark: "I'm not a huge fan of the hole, especially on windy days when certain guys can't fly the water. Sometimes the fairway is 80 yards wide for longer players and 30 yards wide for the rest of us."

Robert Gamez: "They keep lengthening holes instead of making them tighter. The drive is tough —I'm a short hitter and don't hit a draw, so I've got to cut it off the water."

Ryan Palmer: "Miss left, water. Miss right, you're laying up and facing water, bunkers and a shallow green. It's not a tee shot you want with a one-shot lead."