Michelle Wie: The Future

Michelle Wie: The Future

Michelle Wie, 19, in Oahu, Hawaii.
Sarah A. Friedman/Corbis Outline



I’m healthy this year, playing
without pain, making top-10s.
Golf is fun again.


I’ll never forget playing [against
the men] at the [2004] Sony. I
was so wide-eyed. I remember
hitting balls and going, “Wow,
look! It’s Ernie Els!”


I’ve made wrong decisions
and right decisions, but I only
have one chance to live this
life, and I’m not going to fret
about bad decisions.


In sixth grade, we wrote letters to
ourselves and didn’t open them
until high school. I
opened mine. I wrote,
“Michelle, if you’re in a gang
and doing drugs, don’t be in
a gang and don’t do drugs!”
[Laughs] So, compared to being
in a gang, I’m doing pretty well.


The gutsiest decision I’ve ever
made was going to take the SAT s
without studying. [Laughs] I
found no inspiration in hitting
the books. I used my common
sense and I did pretty well.


Growing up, I was the only
girl on the boys’ baseball team.
I’d still like to play PGA Tour
events. I try to test myself
against the best. I don’t want
to lose the part of me that aims
high. I like to live to the max.

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