Jimmy Walker clips a bird with his drive on the 17th at Colonial

Here's Jimmy Walker clipping a bird with his tee shot at the 17th yesterday during the second round of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Walker's iron shot glances off the bird before falling back gently to earth just wide of the fairway. The bird flies away and appears to be no worse off than before getting clipped by the Fed Ex Cup points leader's tee shot. Of course, Walker parred the hole. He was asked after the round if he saw his shot hit the bird:

"I couldn't see that. I don't think so, or otherwise it probably wouldn't have gone anywhere. It got down there pretty far. We saw it fly the whole way and then it kind of disappeared over the trees, so I don't think so."

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, here's what Walker's shot might have looked like as an early 1980s coin-op arcade game:

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