Interview With Charles Howell III

Interview With Charles Howell III

1. Eye Candy “Your clubs need to be pleasing to the eye, especially the driver. If it doesn’t look good to you then it won’t inspire the confidence you need to hit a good shot.”

2. Reel live nude fish “I’m hooked on bass fishing. Growing up in Georgia, it’s something you’d better know how to do. The key to catching big ones: Set the hook as soon as you feel that twitch on the line.”

3. Make your aim true “Most players fail to line up properly, and it’s so simple to correct. Just lay a club down [at your feet, pointing parallel to the target] on the practice range to see where you’re aiming. It’ll save you a ton of strokes. If you’re not aligned properly, even the perfect swing won’t help you.”

4. Spying Tiger “I’ve learned a lot playing with Tiger. He hits lots of different shots with just his lob wedge. That’s something I’ve worked on. Rather than chipping with your whole bag, try different shots with a couple of clubs. It’ll help build confidence.”

5. Slim in the gym “it’s crucial to get to the gym and do something. Anything. I balanced strength training, cardio and stretching. In golf, you’ll need all those components.”

6. Lag time “I create a lot of lag during my swing and transfer all that energy to the ball at impact. You can do the same with a small hip turn and a big shoulder turn.”

7. Meeting miss right “Trust your instincts. When the right one comes along, you just know. I did.”

8. Dress with dash “Golfers dress too much alike–a sports shirt with a club logo on the breast. Be a little different. It doesn’t have to be outlandish, but find a way to stand out: snazzy shoes, bold shirt. For me, the fans notice, and they appreciate it.”

–Chris Radell

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