How to Raise a Tour Pro

How to Raise a Tour Pro

Growth sport: As your lil' golfer grows, you must grow as a parent.
Schecter Lee

So you’ve got the next big thing on your hands, eh? Congratulations! But now what? With the sundry schools, camps, clinics, teachers, tournaments and full-fledged tours available to golf-crazed kids, how do you set your child sailing on the course to PGA Tour riches? How do keep him enthused and motivated without burning out? And, in a sport teeming with young talent, how do you separate your prodigy from the pack? On the following pages, we’ll guide you through these daunting waters with an advice-packed handbook that will help your child get the most from his game. Give it a read, then go put little Tig… um, Timmy to bed.

How to Raise a Tour Pro
Groomed to be great: Starting at golf academies
A day in the life of a golf-school kid
Raising a Tour Pro: Case studies
Is your kid good enough?
The $20,000 Question: Bankrolling your child’s golf career
Survey: What Parents Think | What makes Juniors tick
College: How to be a new recruit | Scholarships | Roads to scholarships

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