How four Tour pros switched careers when birdies stopped paying the bills

How four Tour pros switched careers when birdies stopped paying the bills

Age: 45
New job: Financial advisor
for Morgan Keegan
Golf highlight: Won 1990
Chattanooga Classic
Retired from golf: 1996
Turning point: “The game
was changing. It was going
to a power game, which was
not my cup of tea.”
Current job description:
“I enjoy meeting new
people and providing
financial guidance that
individuals have to have to
live comfortably.”
Business philosophy:
“It’s all about the

Age: 45
New job: Men’s golf coach
at Boise State University
Golf highlight: Played in
four PGA Championships
Retired from golf: 2001
Turning point: “I told
myself that once my kids hit
kindergarten it was time to
stay home and be a dad.”

Current job description:
“I was a teaching pro, and
this job takes that to a new
level, helping with life skills,
too. You’re kind of like their
dad away from home.”
Business philosophy:
“School No. 1, family No. 2,
golf No. 3, and work hard.”

Age: 48
New job: Golf analyst for
the Golf Channel
Golf highlight: Won 1997
Greater Greensboro Open
Retired from golf: 2003
Turning point: In 2002, he
ran into TGC’s Rich Lerner,
who asked if Nobilo had
ever considered doing TV.

Current job description:
“It’s close to playing golf
because you make doublebogeys
when you say the
wrong thing and birdies
when you enlighten people.”
Business philosophy:
“Just try to be responsible
to the game.”

Age: 36
New job: PGA Tour caddie,
currently for Sean O’Hair
Golf highlight: Earning
his Tour card in 1996
Retired from golf: 2000
Turning point: Vijay Singh
asked Tesori about being
his caddie, adding, “Don’t
take this wrong way.”
Current job description:
“Providing good yardages
and advice; keeping the bag
full of towels, water and
food; and otherwise
being invisible.”
Business philosophy:
“Show up, keep up,
shut up.”

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