Hot? ... Not? The LPGA commissioner

Hot? … Not? The LPGA commissioner

Note to our readers: This week has been so chock-full of losers we decided to do a special Not-only list. Enjoy …

1. Carolyn Bivens. Facing the biggest controversy of her tenure as LPGA commish she went into hiding for a week — a full freakin’ week! — before emerging from her underground bunker to offer to offer some way-too-late justifications and clarifications about the new English policy. Something tells me Finchem would have cut his vacation short with this kind of firestorm raging.

2. Rocco Mediate. He says he’s “extremely sad and extremely disappointed” at not being picked for the Ryder Cup. Dude, you had the chance qualify on points like everybody else. You haven’t won a tournament since 2002, and the U.S. Open — and a spot on the team — would have been yours if you made birdie on Torrey’s cupcake 18th hole either Sunday or Monday, but you couldn’t get it done either time. So shut your pie hole.

3. Ian Poulter: He will be the most scrutinized player at the Ryder Cup, thanks to the cloak-and-dagger business surrounding his selection. If you think Darren Clarke is big, imagine the size of the shadow he will be casting over Poulter.

4. Paul Azinger. I know, I know, he didn’t have much to choose from, but can you imagine having to get up in front of the world and justify Chad Campbell? And J.B. Holmes, Mr. Triple Bogey On The First Hole When Leading the PGA On Sunday himself? Yikes.

5. FedEx Cup. The new points system was supposed to make it exciting to the end but Vijay’s dominance has sucked the life out of the whole deal. Oh well, at least we can count on more modifications for next year.