Feherty's Mailbag

Feherty’s Mailbag

If you’ve ever wanted to send David Feherty a question or comment, here’s your chance! David is putting down his mike to answer your E-mails in his mailbag column for GOLFONLINE.

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I have a problem w/ a slice. Does it matter that as I’m bringing the club down my wrists don’t flip thru at impact? And what can I do to cure that problem? I feel that I have a good solid swing. If I could stop the slice or push or pull hook I’d save at least 10 strokes a round. Thanks for your time.
— Todd Weber, Knoxville, TN

Look, first of all, w/ is not a word and through is not spelled thru. Okay? I think this may be indicative of your problem, you’re abbreviating everything. Stop it! Here’s the solution: First, lighten up on your grip, a lot. That will let your backswing get longer. Trust me on this. That will allow your wrist to hinge and unhinge naturally. The rest will take care of itself. If you’re really serious about getting better, book yourself into McCord and Kostis’ golf school. You’ll never see or talk to either one of them, but if you’re lucky, they will endorse the huge check you have to give them. In their book, that’s an autograph.

I have trouble with coming over the top on my backswing. I was wondering if you could give me a tip on how not to come over the top. Thanks.
— Mike Adams, Dublin

Which Dublin, Ohio or Ireland? I can’t help unless I know. All of my solutions for Ohio begin with chewing tobacco and all of the Irish ones start with Guinness.

David, I can’t “follow through” my stroke on putts. I’m a 14 handicap but could be lower if I didn’t three-putt so much. Crosshanded didn’t help, nor will a long putter. Any suggestions?
— Brent Hanby, Springdale, AK

Okay, here’s what you do: Drive all the par fours, hit every par five in two, bogey every par three and you’ll soon be a 4 handicap. Viola, 10 strokes off right there!

If that’s not possible, assuming you’re right-handed, you’re probably moving your head from left to right. Try this: find a discarded millstone form a local ruin and tie it around your neck. Don’t let it hit the ground. Millstones usually weigh about 2500 pounds, or 197 stone in Irish. This will cure your problem.

I’ve been golfing for 12 years with no pains. Now my neck hurts the next day. Could my swing have changed? Is there a common fix?
— Bryan Bates, Canton MI

You have it backwards. You were supposed to have neck pains for the first 12 years. The fact that you’ve played pain-free is the problem. Your swing is now perfected and you are experiencing the correct reaction. Either that or you have already tried my millstone solution as outlined in my response to Brent above.

There is also one other possible fix: the Woody Austin Therapy. Whenever you miss a putt, take your putter and smack yourself several times in the head with the shaft, hard. After that, you’ll hardly notice the pain in your neck.

I am a 13-handicap golfer having an uncontrollable overswing and reverse-pivot problem. What do you think about developing a swing where I don’t make a backswing, but “position” the club in the back place, STOP, and from back there, start the forward swing? Please reply, and thanks in advance.
— Mario Ortega, Mexico City, Mexico

I love your family’s tacos, man.

I have just the swing for you. Write to ABC and get a tape of Charles Barkley’s swing. He played in that celebrity Pro-Am deal in Lake Tahoe in August. It’s PERFECT for you! I don’t know much about you physically, but it would help you tremendously if you have an ass like a $40 horse and the eye-hand coordination of a drunk in a straight jacket. Alternatively, you could just make the swing you suggest, with one minor alteration. Don’t start the forward swing at all.

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