Dottie Pepper on the Solheim Cup

Dottie Pepper on the Solheim Cup

Christina Kim's celebratory antics irritated some observers.
Darren Carroll/SI

The Solheim Cup provided a great week when the LPGA needed one. Here are a few gripes and highlights.

Slow-heim The morning four-balls took nearly six hours — my clothes were out of style by the afternoon sessions. Pitiful. The course setup was too long and too rigid. Fans were leaving in frustration to watch the late matches on TV. How about graduated rough and multiple teeing grounds?

Ochocinco syndrome I know Christina Kim (below) loves the galleries and is a ham, but she should be a little more respectful of the game. In the NFL she’d have been given 18 excessive celebration penalties.

The golf Phenomenal! One European team was five under par in foursomes on Saturday. Sunday was a birdie festival for both sides.

Michelle Wie The rookie and captain’s pick was 3-0-1. Beth Daniel was brilliant to keep her sequestered with the team and free of the micromanagement she usually endures. Shame on her parents if they don’t see this and let her be her own boss going forward.

Becky Brewerton, Tania Elosegui and Diana Luna The LPGA would be better if they played here more often.

The fans Almost 120,000, from 49 states and nine countries, proved themselves tougher than the traffic.

Juli Inkster A huge back-nine rally on Sunday earned the U.S. a valuable half point. She’s played her last match, but look for Meg Mallon to be captain in 2011, then Inkster in ’13. The Cup will survive her uniform choices and dance choreography. I think.

Chicago This could be a building block for a regular tour stop in the Windy City.

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