Deep Thoughts With … Cameron Tringale

December 7, 2014

The rising 27-year-old discusses Halloween costumes, a good future role for Jim Carrey and the city he most wants to visit

What is your secret talent?
Golf is about all I’m good at, but I guess my movie-quoting abilities are fairly high. Certain movies in particular that I watched over and over as a kid — Dumb and Dumber, Home Alone, golf movies.

What’s something you’re terrible at?
I have a terrible voice. I love singing. I’m a dashboard singer, a shower singer, but I don’t really do karaoke—ever. I was not gifted with the good voice.

What did you wear for Halloween?
A friend of mine got back from Oktoberfest a few weeks ago, so he gave me his lederhosen and I went with the wood-chopping look. I had the beard.

Which music act would you want first-row seats for?
The Beatles. They revolutionized music. They had such a short career — they weren’t together that long as a band.

At what moment in your life did you know you’d be a professional golfer?
I didn’t know I would be on the PGA Tour until the day I got through Q-school [in 2010], because you never know. In golf, you have to earn everything, and there have been a lot of can’t-miss guys who never make it. I hoped to get there—but you always have doubts.

Who would you choose to play the leading role in the Cameron Tringale movie?
I really enjoy Jim Carrey, so I would want him to do it. When I was a kid, he was my favorite actor, even though our lives aren’t that similar as far as I know. That’s just someone I feel would be fun to work with.

What is the one place in this world you haven’t been to that you really want to visit?
I hit Rome last year, which was big on my list. I want to go down to Australia and New Zealand. It just seems fun. I feel like the culture is probably similar to the one in Southern California, where I grew up. I’ve heard Queenstown is an amazing city. That’s on the short list.

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