D2, star of Top-Flite's viral rap video, talks about his Space Ghost costume and his cart girls

D2, star of Top-Flite’s viral rap video, talks about his Space Ghost costume and his cart girls

Juli Inkster, who eagled the par-5 third hole, is at three under par.
David Walberg/SI

The normally staid sport of golf has a viral video, believe it or not. It’s a goofy music video to show off Top-Flite’s new D2 golf ball, and it’s the brainchild of Top-Flite’s national brand manager, Nate Randle.

He helped put the video together for a Callaway Golf sales meeting last September. A gathering of 400 gave it a standing ovation, and when club pros and sales reps continued to give it two thumbs up, the video was posted on YouTube.com. Watch the video below, and then read Gary Van Sickle’s exclusive interview with D2, the superhero star of the commercial.

SI: Was this your first music video, or were you Vanilla Ice in a previous life?
D2: “I was Vanilla Ice in a previous life. I did a lot of filming hand-held in junior high and high school. We used to make our own little videos and mess around. I grew up in Salt Lake, Utah, so I got my mad rap skills from listening to Run-DMC, Vanilla Ice, Donny Osmond, Flava Flav and Barry Manilow.”

SI: Were the lyrics original or did you lift some from Walt Whitman?
D2: “It was just Paul English and I in the conference room. We threw it down on paper and brought it to life in the studio. It was straight from the heart.”

SI: About the costume — does Space Ghost know his is missing?
D2: “Yes, it’s missing, but I made it look better. Bigger, badder, stronger, faster. I filled it out better in the important spots. And I’m not as ghosty.”

SI: Were the girl dancers hired help or bystanders drawn to your long white underwear?
D2: “Drawn. They saw me in a shopping mall, approached me and I said, why not? They’re aspiring young women, they just jumped in — Natalie and Chelsea. It should really advance their careers. Seriously, they were from a talent agency.”

SI: Is it true you’re engaged to both of them?
D2: “Yes, and my wife’s cool with it.”

SI: Despite what you say in the song, isn’t it true that you once laid up?
D2: “Never. Not in life, not at work, not at home, not at school, not at play, not at golf.”

SI: Have you ever said, Wassup?
D2: “No, never. Never ever.”

SI: I thought it was one of the lines in the song.
D2: “Oh, yeah, ‘I’ll be in your face yelling, Yo, wassup?’ I guess I did say that. Thank you for correcting me. I did say it and I said it emphatically.”

SI: If you were rating your song on American Bandstand, what score would you give it out of 100?
D2: “I’d give it 105, and Dick Clark probably would’ve asked to be in my entourage. If he asked to chill with me, I would’ve said no even if he offered his secret of immortality. I don’t need it.”

SI: Are you a one-hit wonder or do you have another tune in the pipeline?
D2: “I’ve got plenty. I’ve got one in the works about my relationship with Wonder Woman. It’s all about, ‘How many women have approached the scene but I’ve got one woman, d’ya know what I mean?’ It’s all about what she does to me.”

SI: There’s a rumor that Space Ghost may sue since you appropriated his trademarked garb.
D2: “We have a strong legal counsel. My father, D1, is a corporate attorney. We’re not worried.”