Along for the ride

Will all the time, effort and money you and your child invest in his game result in a college scholarship? Don’t bank on it.

As high school golf has grown more competitive (there are approximately 225,000 kids playing on high school teams today), so too has the college game, with only 2,500 or so spots available to incoming freshmen each year, and far fewer scholarships [see below]. The moral of the story: Encourage your child to keep his grades up and get involved in other extracurricular activities, because a candidate with more than just a silky putting stroke will stand out from the pack and have a better shot at “come-play-for-me” money.

No. of colleges with golf teams No. of scholarships per team
Men’s Women’s Men’s Women’s
Div. 1 294 247 4.5 6
Div. 2 206 134 3.6 5.4
Div. 3 277 166 None None

173 125 5 5

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