After winning at Pebble Beach, Dustin Johnson is starting to get noticed for more than just his height

After winning at Pebble Beach, Dustin Johnson is starting to get noticed for more than just his height

Dustin Johnson has won twice on the PGA Tour.
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

You've had a great first couple of seasons. What are you working on to keep that going?
I'm working a lot on posture, setup and takeaway — staying real stable. I'm really tall [6'4'], so things can get moving around all over the place [in my swing], and that's when I don't hit it very well.

Do you have trouble finding equipment to match your size?
Well, I wear an extra large glove and a size 13 shoe. But Adidas sends them to me, so I don't have to worry about finding them. Thirteens are difficult to find in any shoes — I've always had to order them.


You're known as one of the hardest swingers on tour. Have you ever broken a golf ball?
I've never broken a ball, but I have broken a clubface, back when the technology wasn't as good. I don't know my exact clubhead speed, but I think it's somewhere in the 120s.

What did you learn from dealing with your recent DUI?
Obviously never to have an alcoholic beverage and drive. It was a good lesson. And talking to the guys on Tour, my friends, all the TaylorMade guys, they've all been very supportive. I think everyone realized it could've been them. I was very fortunate that no one else was involved.

Do you still have your license?
It got suspended for about 30 days, but I've got it back. I haven't been to court or anything like that.

We learned about your basketball skills from a March issue of Sports Illustrated. Do you still play?
My brother and I play some, but he can beat me now that he plays in college. It used to be that he didn't have anything on me, but now he's just as big and maybe a little stronger, even though he's three years younger. I can't dominate him underneath anymore.

So b-ball obviously runs in the family.
My grandfather, Art Whisnant, was very good. He's in the Hall of Fame at [the University of] South Carolina. He was 6'4" — a small center — and he was just mean. He may have been small, but he could jump out of the gym. He only played three years because they had a freshman team, but I think he's still eighth all-time in scoring for the Gamecocks.

You won your first two tour events in 36 starts, faster than Anthony Kim, Camilo Villegas and J.B. Holmes. Does it bother you how much more attention they get?
No, not really. I don't care. I'm just out here playing. We'll see what happens.

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