5 Good Minutes with Mike Wilbon

Shooting from the lip: ESPN pundit Mike Wilbon.

How’s your golf game these days?

I’ve been playing pretty well lately. I’m a 13.7 handicap, so I’m not exactly lighting it up out there. I play less now because I’ve got a 6-month-old son.

Who do you normally play with?

I don’t have any set foursome. When you travel, you play with a lot of different people. I belong to two clubs — Columbia Country Club and Four Streams [both in Maryland]. I’ve played with John Daly, Stuart Scott. I get to play with Eddie Jordan, Gary Williams. The great thing when you travel is you play with coaches and former players.

Who would be in your dream foursome?

I’d like to play with Will Smith, who I’ve met and talked to, and Sam Jackson, who I had lunch with, and we’ve talked about playing. And I’d keep it a threesome so we could be quick and not hold up the guys behind us. If someone told me that could be arranged, I really would want to do that. If we could get Tiger and he’d put up with us, that’d be fine.

What’s worse: Charles Barkley’s golf swing or Charles Barkley flirting with politics?

Charles flirting with politics. I worry for him because he’s my friend. My life couldn’t stand that sort of scrutiny. But I think Hank [Haney] is going to fix his swing. Most people don’t know that before he started messing around with it, he was shooting in the 80s.

Play the role of LPGA Commissioner: How do you clean up the mess and excite people about the women’s game?

I watch a lot of women’s golf, a lot of it. I wish they would put it one place where I can find it every week. I can’t even look up who’s won the majors. I don’t even know what the majors are. Get some uniformity. Am I being unfair here? I can’t find the events. The NFL understands this. The NFL’s on at one o’clock and four o’clock. Don’t make me look over 40 channels.

Twenty-five majors for Tiger. Over or under?

Well, that was my number before the injury. Now I’m going to say under. Twenty-three majors. But once you get past 18, how much incentive is there?

What’s the percentage that you’ll break 80 the next time you play?

One percent. I’ve broken 80 twice. But if you ask me about breaking 90, I’ll say 50 percent.

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