Ask Brady Riggs Live! Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Will Fix Your Faults

Ask Brady Riggs Live! Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Will Fix Your Faults Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I love doing it. The swing looks pretty good. You need to position your camera in a better position so you can compare your swing to other good players from the same spot. I like that you have the stick down but you need to position the camera directly in line with it. You have the camera on the target line which makes everything look more inside than it actually is. I would like to see your shoulder turn a little more upright than it currently is. Your practicing an overly flat turn with your rehearsal swing. When your shoulders turn too flat your head will move up and away from the target line. The only way to not fall over is to move your tush in towards the target line for balance. As you probably know if you read the blog I am a big believer in maintaining the line. This would be a good place for you to start. You may also see your head drops significantly during the downswing as a result of the lift that occurred during the backswing. While some drop is normal during the swing, your's is made more severe by the flat shoulder turn going back. Work on the turn and send in some new video so we can take the next steps.   Nate asks at 12:55: How do you recommend holding the club in the left hand? Some guys say diagonally across the fingers, others say straight across? Heel pad on top of the shaft? In the palm? Lots of different views…I struggle with my left hand feeling comfortable on the club. As you said Nate there are many different ways to get your left hand on the club. Generally speaking, the heel pad of the left hand should be on top of the handle with the club running diagonally across the fingers. With only your left hand on the club it should be easy to hinge your left wrist up and down without any wiggle or difficulty. If you could send in a still or video of your grip I can give you more specific advice. Here is a picture to help you visualize. Grip Rey asks at 12:40: Hi Brady- Love your weekly tips!.. I'm a 19 Handicap and want to lower it down to about 10 or 9. I will be taking lessons (1 hour a week for 22 weeks) from a CPGA here in Toronto next year. What should I be looking for when taking lessons from a Pro? Where should my lesson start to dramatically drop my handicap? Thanks for the feedback about the blog. You have asked some excellent questions. Choosing your professional should be done with care. Unfortunately, there are far more unqualified teachers than you may think. I would make sure you talk to the best players at your club, local driving range, and even off course golf shop to find out whose name continues to pop up. Once you have a few narrowed down you need to call them and talk to them about how they do things. A couple of important things to find out are if they teach a method of swinging or if they adjust for each individual student. Ask them who they pattern their instruction after. If they mention Sean Foley run for the hills, not because he is a bad instructor but because they are going with the swing du jour. If they don't use video they aren't serious enough about their profession to warrant your cash and dedication. One last thing, if they are hard to get ahold of don't hold it against them, chances are they are bust because they are good and don't have a great deal of fee time. When it comes to what to work on you need to check out everything. Is your bag set-up correct so you don't have any significant distance gaps between the wedges and in your fairway woods/ hybrids? What are your practice sessions like in terms of time spent on each area of the game? Do you keep good statistics so you know what areas of your game need the most attention? Do you use a range finder on the practice ground and golf course so you have feedback on a daily basis? Are you able to get on the course to work on your game without worrying about scoring, a critical part of getting better? Do you have a routine for each part of your game from the practice ground to the golf course? Are you taking care of your fitness on  a level that matches your goals? Is your golf swing going to get you where you want to go or do you need to make significant changes? Do you have the simple shots down around the green so the basic up and downs are an expectation? I could go on for a while. The idea is you need a comprehensive approach to your game improvement if you expect to get where you want to go. It starts with statistics about your game and goes into every aspect of your game from the practice ground to the course, from the gym to the post round analysis. It needs to be specific and geared towards every aspect of your golf not just your GOLF SWING.

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