Ask the Top 100: Swinging poorly? It's gotta be the shoes

Ask the Top 100: Swinging poorly? It’s gotta be the shoes

Dear T.J., My goal is to have a good repeatable full swing, so I spend lots of time working on my full swing.  Some people say, “Drive for show and putt for dough.” I always respond: “You can’t putt from the tee box.” I’m shooting somewhere between 97 and 102, and I have broken 90 on a par-70 course, but that hasn’t happened in a while. Can you take a look at my swing and let me know how I can improve? Patrick A., San Juan, Puerto RicoP.S. You might notice I’m wearing flip-flops — they are the FootJoys of tropical golf. Golf is played on the inside rims of your feet — and you can’t do that wearing flip-fops! Stop your video just before impact and you'll see that you're "nailed to the right side.” Your right knee is straight up and down and your weight is still on your right side. That’s at the speed of a 7-iron so it’s going to be compounded with a driver. Just before impact, your weight should be left and your right thigh should be slanted toward the target so that you're on the inside rim of your right foot. This will allow you to release your core, which in turn releases the clubhead. But if you’re wearing flip-flops, you won’t ever get there.
The Takeaway: Lose the flops, gain a release.
Best, T.J. Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher T.J. Tomasi, Ph.D., a Class A PGA professional, teaches at the Nantucket Golf Club in Massachusetts. You can learn more about T.J. at

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