Innovator Update: Ran Morrissett

Innovator Update: Ran Morrissett

Ran Morrissett, 44
David Smith

Ran Morrissett is the founder of

Can you update us on the state of your site?

We’re working behind the scenes right now, and within the next 30-60 days, we’re switching platforms for our site. It will have a new look, more functionality, and it will be easier to search for articles. But that’s all happening behind the scenes.

What prompted that?

We’ve been on the same core site essentially for eight years. Everything but the discussion group has been the same. And there have obviously been advancements in how far the Internet’s come in eight years. The site is large with lots of pictures and text. The ability to search is dependent on the search function working well. But ours, currently, is antiquated.

What has been the effect of making Golf’s list of innovators?

We’ve had a surge of people to the discussion board since then. In order to post, you have to be registered, and there was a surge in interest registration. It’s hard to tell what the exact numbers are because we’re a non-commercial, non-profit site. But it seemed like because of the amount of phone calls and e-mails, there was a definite spike. The sense that I’ve gotten is that we had a bumper crop of people who have been added in.

Do you have a nominee for the innovator list in ’08?

Stuart Hallett. He has a passion for Golden Age architects (1911-1937). He works in Europe, and he’s bringing a lot of their courses to light. He’s creating a groundswell of support to bringing new life to these courses.

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