Catching up with the 2007 Innovators

August 19, 2011
jan31_voges_299x392_0.jpg wanted to know the latest from the creative minds who made last year’s list of golf innovators. Find out what they had to say about their latest endeavors.

Making the right ball for you a mere click away, at

How are things going at
It’s been excellent. Business is up for us dramatically. After [GOLF Magazine’s] article on golf balls we had a lot of questions.

Any discussion about golf balls that sheds light on the subject is good. I enjoy that. I get a call from somebody who’s out in the plains, overseas, and they ask specific questions about their games. “I play here and it’s windy.” One of the great things with our golf Website is — if the weather changes, or your game changes — it’s interactive, you can make adjustments.

We ask a lot of questions and then factor in the human element and the player preferences, with the science. We do it for the individual.

You really need to make a selection in the equipment that’s going to help you. Almost everyone that goes through this site will find a ball or two that they never thought about playing. This goes for really good players too.

What’s next for
We want to keep this thing current. Our goal is to be ahead of the curve. We’re adding a lot of new products as a result of the new introductions at the PGA Show.

CHARLES ADLER, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology, Mayo Clinic
Seeking to develop a pill to cure the yips

How are things going with the studies?
Things are going well. We have actually collected data on golfers who don’t complain of the yips and those who do. All that data is now being analyzed.

What has been the effect of making GOLF’s list of innovators?
We’ve certainly gotten numerous phone call and e-mail inquiries regarding the work that we’re doing. There’s some interest in people coming here for evaluation.

What is the next step in your project?
One of our goals, which we have not really done yet, is to also study a group of professional golfers. Study pro tour players, presumably the best putters in the world, and use them as a comparison group. That has not happened yet.

Designer of the clubhouse of the future at the Bridge, on Long Island

Have you been working on any new golf projects since we last spoke to you?
We’re interviewing for clubhouse projects in several places. We’ve been contacted to submit proposals, but I don’t have any specific project I can speak on. We’re talking to people in Paris, San Diego and Chicago. Also had a couple calls from people in Costa Rica and Florida. They’re thinking about doing contemporary-style clubhouses, and they’re realizing the merit of it.

What’s been the effect of making Golf’s list of innovators?

It’s opened some eyes for building committees because our design is thought of as innovative. More people saw it than I would’ve expected, which is a tribute to your magazine. It’s probably the one golf periodical that people really do read if they’re enthusiasts. I’ve appeared in other magazines, but no one’s mentioned anything but yours.