Video: Watch the best golf scenes from 'The Sopranos'

Video: Watch the best golf scenes from ‘The Sopranos’

Everyone old enough to remember how stale and predictable television drama was before “The Sopranos” felt a jolt of sadness when hearing the news of the death of James Gandolfini on Wednesday at age 51. In his role as Tony Soprano, Gandolfini was the charming, violent, sentimental, amoral, comical, deceitful, cunning, melancholy and always-compelling center of the show that proved television could be as creative and artful as books, movies, music or anything else in popular culture.
“The Sopranos” was also pretty awesome at portraying golf. Here are some of our favorite golf scenes from the show. (If you’re listening at work, remember that “The Sopranos” was on HBO): Tony get invited to play golf with Dr. Cusamano at his country club and then realizes he’s just there as entertainment for Cusamano and his wealthy friends:

Tony gets passed over for a membership at Dr. Cusamano’s club:

Tony makes fun of Uncle Junior during a round of golf:

Tony has a panic attack on the golf course:

Tony and Furio “remind” Dr. Kennedy to return Uncle Junior’s calls:

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