What to yell (and what not to yell) at golf tournaments

What to yell (and what not to yell) at golf tournaments

The folks over at Deadspin pointed out that "Get in the Hole!" guy took a break Sunday from being obnoxious to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Nice.
I'm like most of you — I think it's ridiculous for people to yell at golf tournaments, but, come on, when someone screams "Yabba Dabba Doooooo!" how do you not laugh?
And let's face it — as long as there are TV cameras (and booze) around, someone's going to yell something. So we've compiled a list of do's and don'ts on yelling at golf tournaments. There's also a Hall of Shame category below, with examples of incidents that should get you thrown out! What To Yell At A Golf Tournament Yeah, Playa! The gold standard. Short and sweet. Yelling something like this shows you're rooting for the player, and not just trying to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Yabba Dabba Do! Warning: If you're going to yell this, you better be like this guy and actually sound like Fred Flintstone!

Boom Shakalaka! Any catch phrase from NBA Jam will work.

Nice Layup! Honest or snarky? You be the judge …

Baba Booey! The nickname for Howard Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate, this one has the potential to replace "Get in the Hole!" and "Mashed Potatoes!" as the go-to phrase to yell.

Chewbacca CallDoing a good Chewbacca impression is hard, so if you can not only make that noise, but also do it loud enough to be heard on national TV, more power to ya.

What NOT To Yell Mashed Potatoes! I first heard someone yell this at Doral a couple of years ago. It's somehow become the new "Get in the Hole!," which means it's time to stop using it.

Skittles! Enough with the random food references! No, "Skittles!" …

… "Ham and Cheese!" …

… or "Sausage!"

Light The Candle! I almost gave this the nod, it's so random and silly, and the guy does yell it with enthusiasm. Which is key. If you're going to yell random crap, at least yell it with authority!

Esophagus! No, no, no, no, no … No random body parts!

Hall of Shame

Hey, Vijay, Go In The Water! Never openly root against a player, especially in their backswing. If you see someone do this, point them out to an official so they can be escorted out.

Get In The Hole! The worst. It stopped being funny … check that, it's never been funny, especially when you yell it after a guy tees off on a par 4 or par 5. And this is the worst offense right here. This woman A) thinks she's being funny, and B) records herself doing it!

Tiger Woods, You Suck! This should also get you thrown … What's that? Oh, sorry, this is just Tiger yelling at himself.