Truth & Rumors: LPGA rookie issues 'warning' to Yani

Truth & Rumors: LPGA rookie issues ‘warning’ to Yani

Yani Tseng was the main attraction heading into the Rolex Awards Reception where she picked up Player of the Year honors for the second straight year, as well as the Vare Trophy for low scoring average, but LPGA Rookie of the Year Hee Kyung Seo stole the show, according to the Golf Channel's Randall Mell.

“I’m here to issue a warning,” Seo said from the podium while turning to look at Tseng. “I’m ready to play golf at the highest level, and I want to be No. 1 in the future, so I issue this warning.”
Seo told Tseng she thought of her when looking at the caution message stamped to her car’s side-view mirror on the way to the awards reception.
“The sticker I think is meant for you,” Seo said. “It says `Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.’”

If 2011 was any indication, Seo’s analogy may very well be right on the mark—Yani may be closer to breaking Kathy Whitworth’s career victories record than it appears. Tryon headed to Q-School finals In 2001, Ty Tryon became one of the youngest players to earn a PGA Tour card at the age of 17. What followed included lucrative endorsement deals, raised expectations, and an overwhelming sense of pressure that Tyron couldn't live up to, reports Golfweek's Sean Martin.

Ty Tryon admits he was overwhelmed and unhappy when he earned his first PGA Tour card, at age 17. He felt like the fame that followed his record-setting achievement was forced upon him. He was no longer a kid playing a game. The prodigy had become a pitchman.

After posting a 1-under-par 71 during the second stage of Q-School, Tryon is optimistic that he can play well in the final stage and return to the PGA Tour.

“I feel lucky that I still … have an opportunity to play on Tour and chase this game for a living,” said Tryon. “I feel really lucky, and I just want a little vindication."
“I feel like I’ve earned it. I feel like I’ve earned some of the lucky breaks just because I’ve kept on giving this a go."

This will be Tryon's second consecutive appearance in the Q-school finals — he finished at the bottom of the leaderboard last year, missing an opportunity to regain PGA Tour status and instead walked away with conditional Nationwide Tour status. If the third time is a charm, this is certainly Tryon's best chance to redeem himself and rejoin the ranks he first took on as a teenager.

“It’s not the best story if you get out there early and you never get out there again. I’m really trying my best to turn that over into a new story. I have a chance now.”

Troubled soccer star finds success at golf tournament Carlos Tevez may not be playing soccer right now, but the Argentinian striker is keeping himself busy out on the golf course, according to Soccernet. Tevez, who went AWOL on his Manchester City teammates and returned to Argentina without his club’s permission, won a Buenos Aires Grand Prix for professionals and amateurs, partnering with professional golfers Sebastian Fernandez and Andres Romero.

“He did not say anything about his problems with his club, but I was struck by the peace he had,” Fernandez said. “He plays golf very well.”

While his soccer career looks to be stalled until another club takes him off of Manchester City’s hands (a transfer to Milan has been rumored), at least Tevez has a solid backup plan. Tweet of the Day Hankey_tweet