Today's weather: Windy and, uh, who knows?

Today’s weather: Windy and, uh, who knows?

SANDWICH, England—The sky here looks like a mixing bowl. That’s not unusual, and I imagine it drives the weather forecasters here to throw their hands up in resignation. Anything can, and will, happen.
One thing is certain for today’s final round: it’s going to be windy. The wind is up already, the flags are straight out and the gusts are ferocious. The official forecast calls for gusts of 30 to 35 miles per hour, and the winds are already as strong as they've been for any of the previous three rounds.
One brief shower hit this morning, and the forecast calls for “a passing sharp shower.” (For the latest forecast, go to
The sun was out as amateur Tom Lewis took the tee. The sky was a blend of blue patches, white puffs and long gray smears.  The sun is going to come and go. Maybe the rain, too. Who knows? But the wind is going to blow all day, and pretty hard at times.
Play on, gentlemen.