2010 Ryder Cup Live Blog: Sunday Matches

2010 Ryder Cup Live Blog: Sunday Matches

12:37 OK, it's time for Cink — a major winner and Ryder Cup veteran — to step up on 18, right? But, umm, he doesn't. He drove it into a bunker, then found deep rough with his second. Looks like it's up to Kuchar to win the match for the USA. 12:34 No dice. Needing to win the hole to extend the match, both Phil and Rickie miss the green, Phil pushing his tee shot left. One of them will have to hole out. 12:33 Fowler's tee shot on 17 finds the bunker. Phil MUST stuff this tee shot…   12:31 Bubba from 40-plus feet on 18… But he leaves it inches short. It's up to Overton who must make his lengthy birdie putt. It's a game effort, but it rolls by. Point to Europe. Hanson-Jimenez win 1-up. Europe 8, USA 6. 12:28 Kaymer and Poulter are assured at least a half point against Rickie-Phil, as Kaymer makes a clutch par putt on 16. Time to go pin-hunting, Phil! 12:27 Bubba's approach on 18 also stops well short of the hole, some 25-30 feet, when a birdie is needed. Uninspiring stuff from Watson-Overton. Barring a birdie bomb falling, the Euros need merely two-putt for the point.  
Meanwhile, the Molinaris make par on 17. Phew! Cink-Kuchar will play a very nervous 18th hole, clinging to a one-hole lead. 12:24 On 18, Hanson's approach stops on the rear collar. Overton's halts some 25 feet below the hole. Hardly inspiring but he'll have a look at birdie. From 106, Jimenez's wedge spins to about 12 feet below the hole. Advantage Europe. 12:21 Cink's birdie putt also lacks muscle. Par. He should switch to Extra Crunchy. The Euros have a putt to win the match. 12:20 Kuchar leaves his birdie putt on 17 woefully short. It's down to a putt-off between F. Molinari and Cink. 12:18 Up on 18, all four players in Overton-Watson vs. Hanson-Jimenez have laid up on the par-5 18th. The Euros lead that one by a hole. 12:15 Che bella! F. Molinari sticks his iron on the par-3rd 17th to about 12 feet, following a solid tee shot from Cink. All four players are on the green. Kuchar-Cink are Team USA's best chance for a desperately needed point. 12:12 Sorry, golf fans. Technical problems. (Plus, I was eating my PB&J very, very slowly. What, did that bother you? Gosh, sorry…) Back to the action… 12:05 Poulter birdies, complete with multiple fist pumps, to put the Euros 2 up on Phil and Fowler with three holes to play. Not looking good for the U.S. in that one. 11:58 Uh-oh. Both Bubba and Overton miss the green on the par-3 17th. They'll need to get up and down for par to stay 1-down, or else this match could soon be over.   11:54 I'm angrier than a Tea Party member. According to NBC's team, Montgomerie has been fiddling with the video highlights being shown on the grounds, getting them to delay or not show the positive highlights of the Americans' comeback from earlier today. Monty doesn't want his team, or apparently the fans, to be affected by the good American play. "That's a cheesy maneuver," Johnny Miller says. Cheesy is right. It stinks!   11:51 Jimenez drains his birdie putt on 16. Roars! Now, the pressure's on Overton, from 10 feet for his own birdie. Can he make another monster putt? No! No magic that time. He leaves it short. Hanson-Jimenez are now 1-up over Watson-Overton, 2 to play. 11:48 Point to Europe. Fisher rolls in an 18-footer for birdie on 17; he and Harrington close out Furyk and Johnson. Europe 7, USA 6. 11:46 Overton to the rescue! On 16, from 187 yards, the Ryder Cup stud-in-the-making sticks his iron to 12 feet. He adds an emotional "Come on!" for effect. Good stuff.   11:43 The momentum shifts again. On 15, Cink and Kuchar made Alpo of the par-4. A Molinari birdie — I'm still not sure which is which — wins the hole. They square the match with three to play. Two matches are now square, and the Euros lead in the other two matches. 11:41 Considering what DJ has been through this year, I bet even Monty almost wants Johnson to make that putt. 11:40 On 17, Dustin Johnson — facing a possible Ryder Cup goose egg — sticks his approach shot inside of Harrington and Fisher. About 15-18 feet. He'll need to make that putt if he and Furyk have any hope of extending this match to no. 18 11:37 Oh, Phil. On 14 green, Mickelson's 6-footer to keep he and Fowler's match with Kaymer-Poulter all square… lips out. Phil's shoulders slump. Goodness. Has there ever been a greater Hall of Fame-caliber player who has missed as many big 5-6 footers in his career as Lefty? Team USA's 1 down, 4 to play. 11:33 Harrington and Fisher head to the 17th hole 2 up over Furyk and D. Johnson. The very underrated Dottie Pepper of NBC tells us that if the Euros hold on to this match, Furyk's career Ryder Cup record will be 1-8-1. Meaning he has won only one more RC match than me, and I'm a 10-handicap. 11:29 Hanson makes his birdie putt, halving the 15th hole. Hanson-Jimenez and Watson-Overton remain all square, three to play. 11:26 Poor Bubba. I'll bet you can feel the pressure when Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan, and your team captain are watching you, just paces away. Imagine your boss and ALL your co-workers are standing five feet away from you, just staring and staring, as you make that big sales call or finish putting together that PowerPoint. That's pressure. 11:24 A flaccid effort from Bubba; his eagle putt wobbles short of the hole and stops. The Euros have two chances at birdie and a halve. 11:21 Gilligan, I mean Overton, gives his 30-foot eagle putt a game effort but it rolls too far left. It's up to Bubba on no. 15 to bag an eagle. 11:19 From a lie thicker than his ponytail, Jimenez's second shot rolls onto the collar. He'll have to make a 12-footer for birdie. BUT…Hanson from the long grass near the water pitches his second to four feet. Looks like Team USA will have to roll in an eagle to win the hole.   11:15 Drive for …dough! On the drivable par-4 15th, both Bubba and Overton find the green after striking brilliant tee shots. They'll both have eagle putts. Hanson's drive finds the hazard, and the Jimenez's the thick, narsty rough in front of the green. A huge edge for the Yanks here. If they don't win the hole, it would be a huge disappointment.   11:12 This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting "Saturday afternoon" finishes in RC history. 11:09 Fisher-Harrington's 2-hole lead over Furyk-D. Johnson looks solid, after Fisher drops a 6-footer to halve the 15th. Totally clutch. 11:07 Team USA and Europe each lead one match, and two matches are all square. Sweet fancy Moses, this Cup couldn't get much closer. 11:04 A momentum switch for Team USA. On 13, Lefty's birdie putt to win the hole falls dead-center. A Phist pump from Phil! He and Fowler take the hole and square their match with Kaymer-Poulter. And on 14, neither Jimenez nor Hanson can drain a long-distance putt. Watson-Overton are now all square with four holes to play. 11:01 Watson-Overton have reached the long par-4 14th in two, while Jimenez-Hanson are both lying three. A great chance for Team USA to square this match. 10:56 On the par-3 13th, Mickelson and Fowler both have good looks at birdie — inside of 15 feet — to try and even their match with Poulter-Kaymer. 10:53 Kuchar fever! Katch it! He drains a long-distance birdie on the par-3 13th. He and Cink take a one-hole lead over the Molinaris. It's the sole American flag on the board right now. Peanut butter sandwiches for everyone… 10:50 "You have to learn to face yourself. Pressure!" Dustin Johnson misses a four-footer — which must have looked like a 40-footer the way he's been putting. Three-putt bogey. He and Furyk now trail Fisher-Harrington by 2 with four holes to play. 10:46 This is gettin' good. Of the four matches remaining, Team USA is all-square in one and only one hole behind in each of the other three. There are points to be won out there. Things are getting tighter than Sergio's putting stroke. 10:43 On 13, Overton's 20-foot birdie put — YIKES! — lips out. Heartbreaker. (Dreammaker…) He and Bubba stay one behind Jimenez-Hanson, with five to play. 10:41 "It's incredible, such an adrenaline rush," Mac says about his RC experience so far. That's nice to hear. Rory took a lot of heat for his pre-Cup comments about how winning majors are more important to him. And fair enough. But I think he'll feel differently about the importance of these matches now — especially if the Euros win this thing. 10:38 Rory drains his birdie putt on 17. It's over. McDowell/McIlroy win their match, over Zach-Mahan. Point to the Euros, and the 2010 RC is now tied, 6-6. 10:35 Zach's must-make birdie chip on the par-3 17th trickles a few feet past. The Mac Attack are all but assured a match win, by halving the hole. 10:33 Perhaps the massively talented duo of Rickie-Phil can mount a comeback, win a point, and improve Mickelson's Ryder Cup record to 1-77-0 lifetime. (Or so it seems… I have to fact-check that.) 10:31 Rickie!! Fowler dunks his eagle-3 bunker shot to win the 11th for he and Mickelson. They cut their deficit to 1-down, seven holes to play against Poulter-Kaymer. 10:28 Rory' fails to match Zach; his chip to halve the hole does not fall on 16, so Johnson-Mahan steal a hole back. They trail Team Mac by two holes with two to play. Hmmmm. 10:25 Zach-Mahan trail the Irish Mafia by three holes with three to play. On 16, Zach drains ihs 25-footer. Keep hope alive!! 10:22 Trailing Hanson-Jimenez by a hole, Overton pulls his birdie putt fractions (as Faldo would say) to the left on 12. He and Bubba remain one down, six to play. 10:19 Team Molinari and Cink-Kuchar remain all square through 11, after swapping birdies. It's the only match the Euros do not currently lead. 10:15 Oh, and this is an objective-reporting-free zone, by the way. I'm rooting for a close match first, the USA second. And if the Yanks get whitewashed in every match today, by my math they enter singles trailing 10-6, which means the Cup is all but over. 10:11 OK, I'm with you the rest of the way today, as Team USA tries to steal a point or two from what is shaping up as a disaster-filled session. That said, McDowell just made a 15-footer on no. 15. Birdie to halve the hole. The Mac Attack remain three up on Zach-Mahan with three holes to play. 10:07 Thanks, Steve Beslow: the funniest man in live-blogging. Not to mention that all of Steve's observations/golf commentary came while watching "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" over on ABC. He's just that good! STEVE BESLOW10:04 Okay everyone, I'm going to hand you over to Golf Magazine's largest editor, Connell Barrett. Thanks for all the great comments and for sticking with us through the rain. Enjoy the rest of the day. 10:00 In case you missed it, here's a video of Jeff Overton's hole-out and awesome reaction. It will also serve to show you the U.S. uniforms for the day, which I think look great. I have no idea why the BBC would say they look like PJs, except for their obvious inferiority complex. 9:57 The Americans finally take one blue flag off the scoreboard, as Matt Kuchar birdies 10 to square up the match with the Flying Molinaris. Momentum clearly in the U.S.'s favor in that pairing. 9:55 Mickelson finally muscles up and fires a birdie. And it turns out to be a big one, as Kaymer shorts an easy putt and the Euros fall back up to 2-up as that match moves to the back nine. 9:53 From Golf Mag's Johnny-on-the-spot Mike Walker:

The Sky Sports announcers are incredible homers. John Sterling would be embarrassed. Here's the call on Lee Westwood's tee shot on 13: "Westwood puts his tee shot into the greenside bunker at the par 3 13th, but no problem his partner is the world's best bunker players." Maybe I'm just bitter.
Well, at least it's nice to know that Rob Dibble was able to find work so soon. And sorry, Mike, but I'm pretty sure Donald is the world's best bunker player…oh no, I'm becoming one of them. Lock up the crumpets! 9:50 The wind seems to be picking up a little bit, not so much that it's blowging the ball too far, but enough that players are backing off their adresses more often than earlier in the day. 9:47 Still, you can't overstate how crushing it is for the U.S. not to have Anthony Kim on this team (although I agree with Pavin's decision to leave him off the squad). AK may not be as important to the U.S. team as Westwood is to the Euros, but he's still a lynch pin player both on and off of the course. His injury was a huge blow to America's chances this week, especially considering how well he was playing when he got hurt. 9:44 From loyal reader Shoshana:

Phil seems to be sucking the life out of everyone he plays with (unless your name is AK). Maybe he's just not a good guy to play with?
Phil definitely isn't playing his best golf, and it's hard to argue that his attitude isn't wearing on Rickie Fowler, who seemed in much better spirits even while down yesterday with Jim Furyk. Still, I don't think it's that Phil isn't a good guy to play with, since he and Dustin play together all the time and are very good friends. Still it's never pleasant to be partnered with someone who's off his game, and I'd imagine that goes double for the second best golfer in the world. 9:41 Dustin Johnson just misses a long eagle putt. No blood there on the 11th, where he and Furyk will stay 1-down. Nice to see DJ make a good stroke on a tough putt, hopefully he's starting to get his feel back a little bit. 9:39 Eddie Molinari picks up his brother's slack with a putt to halve. They'll finish the front-nine 1-up, but they're hanging on for dear life. 9:38 Cink is making Pavin look good so far this weekend. The captain's pick is one of the only Americans that actually looks comfortable with a putter in his hand. 9:35 If Fowler and McIlroy somehow get paired up tomorrow, I think they should put a little something on the side: the Ryder Cup's first "Haircut match." If Rory wins, Rickie gets a perm, if Rickie wins, Rory gets the "Bieber." The ball's in your court, gentlemen. 9:32 Phil looks horribly uncomfortable over his putts, and it's showing in the results. He misses another relatively easy putt to stay 3-down to Poulter and Kaymer. Fowler looks awfully defeated out there. Hopefully he finishes the round as strongly as he did yesterday. 9:29 Can't believe how loose Pavin is right now. He seems completely at home with the atmosphere and devoid of pressure. Why am I shocked? One, the U.S. is in a bad spot, lost or losing every match out there right now. Also, this is the guy that got in a screaming match with Jim Gray in front of the entire press pool, so calm and good-humored in the heat of battle is an interesting change of pace. 9:26 If you don't know much about him, here's a short but poignant interview with Peter Hanson. 9:25 M.A. Jimenez misses a birdie putt, so he and Peter Hanson will halve another hole to stay 1-up on Watson and Overton. The Spaniard and Swede are holding down the fort right now, but I don't see how they can hold off the young Americans for long. Overton is just playing too well in big moments. 9:23 With the year he's had, who would have thought that Dustin Johnson would be the guy letting down the U.S. team? His putting in particular has been totally off this weekend. He's another guy who's going to have have to really step up his game in singles, especially if he and Furyk can't manage to come back this morning (they're 1-down right now). Who do you think is more disappoingting so far, Dustin or Phil? 9:20 Hopefully Tiger and Stricker both get their games together for singles, because without them the U.S. doesn't have a prayer. At the same time, if you told me before the Cup that Woods/Stricker would go 2-1 in their pairing, I would have said "that's great." So still a good performance from them overall…just not today. 9:18 Westwood finishes off Stricker and Woods 6 and 5. Johnny Miller described it as a "drubbing." I guess you can't say "ass-kicking" on NBC, because that's a much more accurate description. 9:15 Martin Kaymer stuffs home an easy birdie to extend their lead over Mickelson and Fowler to 3 holes. It's one step forward, one back for the U.S. in that matchup. 9:13 The rain combined with the suddenly perfect weather has created some great scoring conditions (except in the thick, wet rough). Assuming players can pick up the new pace of the slow greens the birdies should be flying. 9:11 Harringotn and Fisher seem to be a very good pair, credit to Monty on that one. They're only 1-up on Furyk and Johnson, but it seems like every time one of them misses a putt, the other picks up the slack. The U.S. pairing is by far the more capable, so just being out front at this point is impressive for the Euro side. 9:09 Loyal Reader Brian Sullivan on the accidental new format this year:

I hope that there is at least serious consideration given in the future to switching to the "all play" format – similar to the the Pres cup. The idea that it is an integral part of the strategy to decide who plays and who doesn't seems silly. Like Phil said, its the top 12 guys, lets see who has the best team.
Couldn't agree more. I think this year's format has been a significant improvement–this isn't baseball, if there are 12 guys on the team, I expect to see them all play. I think that's the only good part of the rain this year, a very happy accident. 9:06 Meanwhile, Tiger and Stricker are on life-support, down 6 through 12. Classy ovation for Stricker after a nice putt. The crowd has been loud but respectful (especially to Tiger), they don't seem to be too big a factor this year. 9:06 Furyk is looking very steady at the moment, he makes birdie to guarantee the U.S. at least a half on 9. They're still only 1-down in that match. 9:03 Expect for that Overton shot to become a mainstay on golf highlight reels, not just because it was a fantastic shot, but because that reaction was the new face of the Ryder Cup–young guys screaming their lungs out. Also, "Boom Baby!" is my new catchphrase. 9:01 It seems like the U.S. is really struggling with the soggy, slow greens on this course. Only Cink and Overton have had any real command, and even the steady Steve Stricker has had some bad reads and short misses. 8:58 Where did Jeff Overton come from? He's still never won a tournament, but he finished second 3 times this season. Something tells me a win may not be far off, considering he doesn't seem to be easily intimidated. 8:55 The eagle has landed! Would-be Ryder Cup hero Jeff Overton spins a huge wedge back into the cup on 8. And not a moment too soon, that brings him and Watson back to within one hole. And they are FIRED UP! I half expected J.B. Holmes to magically appear and start handing out high-fives. 8:53 Westwood/Donald are now 6 up on Stricker/Woods after 11. After their dominant play in the first two rounds, it's almost shocking to see this team getting knocked around. At the same time, maybe we're finding out why Corey Pavin really sent them off 3rd in the first round. 8:51 The normally automatic Steve Stricker misses a four-footer with the Euros having even less for their birdie try…looks like the marquee team is about to take another hit. 8:50 Question for Johnny Miller: at what point do all these losses for Phil stop meaning "He's due" and start meaning "He's not an effective Ryder Cup player"? 8:49 Mickelson/Fowler isn't going much better than Mickelson/Johnson did. Poulter puts one home to get the Euros to 3-up through 5. Yikes. 8:48 Love these commercials for "IsitLowT.com." Can't believe they didn't get Doug Barron to be their spokesman. Maybe they can hook up by the Sony Open and we can have awkward fun with this all next season. 8:45 The U.S. outfits today are by far my favorites of the week. Classic, stylish and not the least bit gaudy. Red, white and blue…who would have thought that would be a good color combination? 8:43 Speaking of Cink, he just barely misses from the bunker. That's the second chip that's just run over the hole for the U.S. today. Little bounces like that can be the difference in a tight match. 8:40 The drag out match of the day will likely be the fourball between the Molinaris and Cink/Kuchar. They're similar combos of ball strikers and putters, I imagine that whoever gets hottest with the flatstick will win that (the Italians are 1-up right now). Hopefully Cink can continue his great putting from yesterday. 8:36 Lee Westwood should be locked up, because he is an absolute animal out there. He just sank a long, quick putt that Tiger couldn't match from off the green (his chip lipped out). This is turning into a Stephen Ames-ian beatdown, as Stricker and Woods are now 5 down through 10. They're on life support. 8:34 A little light for the U.S., Zach Johnson makes birdie to crawl back to within 2 holes. That's going to turn into a huge matchup as the day wears on. 8:32 The power pairing of Stricker and Woods starts the day 4-down to Westwood and Donald on the back 9. Stricker sticks on in the short rough on the par-3 but Donald lays his solidly in the middle of the green. Things not starting appreciably better than they ended for that pairing. 8:30 The sun is shining bright at the moment, but don't expect the fairways to dry anytime soon. In theory that should help the long hitting Americans. But they've got to hit the fairways first. 8:28 All right folks, time to settle in, tee off just a few minutes away. What does today hold for the U.S.? Prediction: Pain. (Did I mention I watched a Rocky marathon last night? I did? Good). 8:22 Is it my imagination, or is Rory McIlroy the spitting image of McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)? I smell a Patty Duke remake! 8:16 If he never plays well enough to make another Cup team (which I doubt, but is very, very possible), what do you think are Sergio Garcia's chances of becoming Ryder Cup captain some day? He's got a good portion of the resume (name recognition, great Ryder Cup performances, high energy), but his career as a whole doesn't feel like it warrents it. I still think that he'd make a great captain for them, just because he cares so much. 8:12 We've now got solid confirmation that things will be restarting on time at 8:30 ET (1:30 local). It sounds like the weather is still a little shaky, but that there shouldn't be any more delays today. 8:09 While we're talking T.V. presenters, I want to belatedly talk about ESPN's Friday coverage. Look, I know it's tough to do a show about golf when there's no golf going on (this is a pretty good example), but what in the world are you thinking putting Rick Reilly on that broadcast? The man knows his golf, but he doesn't know how to talk about it on TV without making me so uncomfortable that I feel like i have to leave the room. 8:04 From one of our intrepid reporters on the scene in Wales:

Whoever is live-blogging today should give a special shout out to Georgie Thompson, the foxy Sky Sports presenter who is yet one more thing to love about this Ryder Cup. I think even Janet Street-Porter would like her.
In case you don't know Thompson, may I suggest a Google image search? 7:59 Word on the street is that the course is looking playable as we get close to a half hour until the supposed restart. Can't decide whether we should be doing this blog in local time or ET. Maybe as a compromise I'll do it in GMC +10 for all our fans in Papua New Guinea. 7:54 Why is that story important? For one thing, it's a sign that the Tour botched Barron's situation. From all reports, it was eminently clear that Barron suffered from Low-T, and that the testosterone he was taking was no more of a competitive advantage than it was to other players who had TUEs (such as Shaun Micheel). More telling? That the Tour chose the Thursday of Ryder Cup week to announce this decision, essentially taking out the trash when no one would notice. THe Tour should have been much more upfront about this decision and admitted that it's still working out the kinks with it's drug policy, which is still in relative infancy. 7:51 Wanted to bring up the least-reported story of the week, which was Doug Barron getting a Therapeutic Use Exemption for testosterone. Barron, you may or may not remember, was the first player suspended under the Tour's new PED policy. 7:47 Getting closer to game-time (we hope), we've got a weather update from Golf Magazine's man on the scene, Cameron Morfit:

Well, now it's raining again, but it's "only a spit" as they say 'round here.
Hopefully this little "spit" won't delay us any further–I'll do my best to keep you in the loop. 7:44 Watching replays of yesterday's matches is making me very excited for Rickie Fowler's future. He may not have the natural talent of Rory McIlroy, but he's got all the makings of a great grinder, something that can be just as important. Everyone wants to see a McIlroy/Woods matchup tomorrow, but for my money I'd rather see McIlroy/Fowler. 7:40 I wonder what outfit the teams will wear for Monday singles. Maybe they'll go back to the Friday uniforms or maybe even their practice unis? Hopefully they won't go back to the Saturday outfits, which managed to be the rare combination boring and atrocious. 7:35 Yesterday afternoon, Golf.com's Jeff Ritter asked you guys to come up with new nicknames for the Molinari brothers. Reader TomLehman'sFootprint chimes in with a suggestion:

In answer to Jeff Ritter's question, suggested nickname for the Molinari brothers is Freduardo.
Not bad. I think I still prefer the "Super Molinari Brothers" or "The Italian Stallions" (mostly because I recovered from yesterday's cup action by watching a Rocky marathon), but Freduardo will be a perfect name if I ever get one these little devils. 7:29 I'm a little against Pavin's decision to split up Johnson and Mickelson for this round. I totally understand why he did it and can't fault his logic, but I would have kept them together for 2 reasons. 1: You knew that they weren't going to finish the match last night, and it's unlikely that those two can play any worse today than they did yesterday. 2: I really like the way Fowler and Furye finished their morning match yesterday.  I thought they got better and better together as the day wore on, and I would have liked to see them continue that. 7:27 What do you guys make of the struggles that Phil and Dustin Johnson had yesterday? They were supposed to be the U.S. team's power couple, but it didn't really work out that way. Instead of Brad and Angelina they turned out to be more like Tom and Roseanne. 7:23 Can't disagree with Reader Michal Schultz's take on the delay:

Different day, different game. Team USA will definitely benefit from the break & delay in the matches. Momentum plays a much bigger role in this match than any other. I predict they will split today's match 3-3, going into the Singles play tomorrow with 9-7 with Team USA maintaining its lead.
Michael also wonders who won our Friday "Name the Ryder Cup" contest. I'm going to check with our man on the scene to find out. Maybe we can scrape together another contest later on today. 7:19 I think you're both half-right. Don is right that the U.S. caught a break with the matches ending so early yesterday–much the same way that a struggling tennis player always welcomes a rain delay in a match so he can try to regain the momentum. What he's wrong about is that the U.S. has caught that break twice–I actually think it was the Euros who got lucky on Friday, as the Americans were just starting to get hot out there when nightfall came. 7:15 Some differing opinions on the effect of the weather. From Reader Don Turner:

The USA can thank thetwo timeouts due to weather which stopped the Europeans and allowed USA a mulligan. That's why they will win, not because they are the better team
And a rebuttal from Jack Doherty:

HEY DON YOUR LOGIC IS MIND BOGGELING…BOTH TEAMS ARE SUBJEC TO THE WEATHER AND HOW IT BREAKS A DAY OR THE MATCH…THE BETTER TEAM IS THE ONE THO HANDLES THAT THE BEST AND WINS…NOT SURE HOW THE US GOT A MULLIGAN….DID TEAM EUROPE HAVE TO RUN AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE DURING THE RAIN DELAY WHULE THE AMERICANS SIPPED HOT COCO? 7:10 I'm going ot try to keep you guys entertained until the Cup action starts up again, but you're going to have to help me out with your comments. Possible topics of conversation: The effect of all this weather in Wales, the play of the captains' picks, the NL Wild Card race and my personal life. 7:00 ET Golf Magazine's Steve Beslow welcoming you to another day of golf…eventually. Official word suggests that the morning matches will restart at 1:30 local time (8:30 ET). Unofficial word suggests that the house will be rocking. 3:02 ET: This just in from Golf Magazine's Mike Walker in Wales: It's pouring, and his media bus turned around on the way to the course. Play won't start until 7 a.m. Eastern (noon local) at the earliest. Stay tuned for more updates.
Golf Magazine's Mike Walker, Steve Beslow and Connell Barrett will be live blogging the matches on Sunday beginning at 7 a.m. ET. Join the conversation by leaving a question or comment below.