Solheim Cup update: Day 1

American-solheim-fans_600x395 The U.S. took an early lead in the Solheim Cup this morning in suburban Chicago with the four-ball matches. The afternoon foursome matches are now underway. We'll keep you updated throughout the afternoon with scores and photos. A complete schedule is here. Photos from today's rounds are here.
Total score: U.S.  4.5  |  EUR  3.5 Afternoon Matches: Match 5: Pettersen and Gustafson (EUR) vs. Kim and Gulbis (U.S.) U.S. wins 4&2 Match 6: Brewerton and Nocera(EUR) vs. Stanford and Castrale(U.S.)EUR wins 3&1 Match 7: Hjorth and Nordqvist (EUR) vs. McPherson and Lincicome(U.S.)EUR wins 3&2 Match 4: Matthew and Moodie (EUR) vs. Creamer and Inkster (U.S.)U.S. wins 2&1 Morning Matches: Match 1: Pettersen and Gustafson (EUR) vs. Creamer and Kerr(U.S.) U.S. wins 1 up. Match 2: Alfredsson and Elosegui (EUR) vs. Stanford and Inkster(U.S.)EUR wins 1 up. Match 3: Davies and Brewerton (EUR) vs. Lang and Lincicome (U.S.)U.S. wins 5 & 4. Match 4: Matthew and Hjorth (EUR) vs. Pressel and Wie (U.S.)HalvedMore on the Solheim Cup – Complete scores at U.S. Solheim Cup Team GalleryRankings forgotten at Solheim CupSolheim Cup gave Lincicome extra motivation (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)