Herbert Warren Wind, Hall of Famer

Benhogan1957sicover It’s so pleasing to know that Herbert Warren Wind, the writer, has a permanent golf home now at the Golf Hall of Fame. Herb never married and never had children. What he left behind were his elegant treatments of golf tournaments and its great champions. In his long career, as an author, as a writer and editor at Sports Illustrated, and most notably as a writer at The New Yorker, Herb wrote about tennis and basketball and ice hockey and many other subjects, but he always came back to golf. He wrote with Ben Hogan a classic  instructional book that first ran as a series in Sports Illustrated. (See cover, right, and links at the bottom of this post.) His pieces on the majors ran in The New Yorker weeks after the events concluded, and that’s what made them so special. Reading them let you revisit the pleasure of the event. Plus Herb saw things that you did not.  He belongs to another, less rushed era. I was lucky enough to know him. In 1992, I wrote a book called "To the Linksland," and Herb seemed to like the book, but not its title. In a note to me he wrote, "I must say your title is too close to the title of my piece, ‘North to the Links at Dornoch.’ " That piece ran in The New Yorker in 1964, and if my title came from his piece I was not aware of it. But that was part of Herb’s particular charm: a memory that could not be compromised and a relentless devotion to detail. Much is made about how he invented the phrase "Amen Corner." There’s so much more to his career than that. He made writing about golf literary. That’s what John Updike says, anyway. If you’ve never read anything by Wind, find something right away. You might start with "North to the Links of Dornoch." If you’re a New Yorker subscriber, you can read it for free after registering here. It’s also in one of his books, "Following Through." The leisurely pace of the whole book might remind you why you fell into golf — and reading — in the first place. More from around the Web: Wind’s writing in the SI Vault Wind’s writing in the New Yorker His nephew, Bill Scheft, remembers Wind after his death in 2005 David Remnick remembers Wind in the New Yorker Wind’s 1957 instructional series in SI, "Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons" Part 1: Introduction and the Grip | See the pages Part 2: Stance and Posture | See the pages Part 3: The First Part of the Swing | See the pages Part 4: The Second Part of the Swing | See the pages Part 5: Summary and Review and the Finish | See the pages Image: Sports Illustrated’s cover from March 11, 1957 .