Artist refuses to paint Monty's 'breasts'

Artist refuses to paint Monty’s ‘breasts’

Monty_300 Colin Montgomerie has taken his share of abuse from golf fans over the years — Mrs. Doubtfire, the Goon from Troon — but now the dour-faced Scot is even getting dissed in the rarefied art world.
Scottish painter Jack Vettriano claims that he was invited to produce a portrait for the National Galleries of Scotland but refused the commission when he learned that his subject would be Monty.
"I don’t do men with breasts," he said.
Vettriano, who regularly complains that his work is not appreciated by the art establishment, made the claim while giving a speech at a college near St. Andrews earlier this week. The painter said he was told by his dealer that the National Galleries wanted him to produce a portrait, but his initial interest evaporated when told his subject would be the ill-tempered, top-heavy Ryder Cup legend.
"I’m afraid the answer is no," Vettriano claims to have responded. "I don’t do men with breasts. And I don’t mean that as unkind to Colin Montgomerie."
Gallery officials say that discussions were held about creating a portrait of Monty, but deny that any formal approach was made to Vettriano.
Montgomerie’s manager, Guy Kinnings, dismissed the pouty painter. "Colin himself just laughed about it," Kinnings said. "He doesn’t know who the guy is, but he was surprised by what he said. He does tend to laugh about these kind of things."
Vettriano’s best known work, The Singing Butler, was sold at auction for roughly $1.5 million, and Jack Nicholson is known to be a fan.
(Photo: Fred Vuich/SI)