A word from the other Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a.k.a. the Governator, faxed the press tent an official 2008 U.S. Open welcome memo that was copied and left next to player-interview transcripts. It reads: Greetings to everyone gathered for the 2008 U.S. Open, and welcome to California. I commend all those who have worked hard to make this historic tournament a fantastic success. This competition in spectacular San Diego would not be possible without the dedication of the players, fans, organizers and sponsors. Thanks to all of you for helping the Golden State host this terrific event and build on the U.S. Open’s distinguished history. As a former professional athlete, I know the preparation that goes into being successful, and each golfer can be proud of what they have achieved. They are the best golfers in the world, and I applaud them for their determination and accomplishments. To all who have come to beautiful Torrey Pines, I send my best wishes for an exciting and memorable competition. Sincerely, Arnold Schwarzenegger (No word yet from Lou Ferrigno or Franco Columbu.)

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