Hanoi lights it up

At the risk of becoming the official Vietnam golf correspondent for Sports Illustrated, I have to offer this nugget as a followup to a recent story I wrote about golf in the country.
I just received a press release about the Kings’ Island Golf Club in northern Vietnam, where the entire back nine on its Mountainview Course has been outfitted with lights for evening play on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The front nine will have lights by the end of June.

They’ll keep the lights on until 10 p.m., adding a few more hours of play to the day.

“This adds a  whole new dimension to the game in the tropics, where many golfers would just as soon wait for the sun to mellow out before teeing off,” said Joe Millar, the club’s director of golf.

Kings Island opened in 1994 in the greater Hanoi area and has two 18-hole courses. There are 15 courses operating in Vietnam and 30 more in the works.
Now that night-light golf has arrived, all we need is for mini-golf and 7-Elevens to take over the country, and America can finally claim victory.