Critics: Taxpayers foot bill for Trump Ferry Point course

Critics: Taxpayers foot bill for Trump Ferry Point course

Last week New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with Donald Trump and Jack Nicklaus in tow, held a grand opening ceremony for Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, a brand-new municipal golf course located in the South Bronx with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

But the honeymoon period is already over for the young course as details of the city’s deal with the real-estate mogul/reality TV star come to light. CBS New York has more:

The views are magnificent, but so is the price tag. The golf course cost $120 million in tax dollars and counting. Many in nearby public housing developments said the funds should have been reprioritized.
“There’s other things we could spend on — all those dollars, children, handicapped, old folks’ homes,” said Bronx resident Tito Giboyeaux.

Trump was hired by the city to finish the project, which had been mired in financial and logistical problems for 15 years. For his efforts, Bloomberg agreed to put Trump’s name on the project and struck a 20-year concession deal to allow him to operate — and profit from — the course, a deal that critics have taken exception to.

“Trump doesn’t even pay anything to the city until the fourth year. It’s just a gift,” said Geoffrey Croft, president of New York City Park Advocates. “City taxpayers are building the most expensive course in the United States for a so-called billionaire.”

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