Norman says if he dwelled on losses he'd be 'a friggin' psychopath'

Norman says if he dwelled on losses he’d be ‘a friggin’ psychopath’

8a33c279a77843429392b68161e11cad-0Greg Norman is a busy man these days. But amid designing courses, selling wine and putting his trademark shark logo on anything and everything, he snuck in 18 holes with ForbesLife writer Monte Burke. The two-time British Open Champ is more famous for his second place finishes in majors: seven in all. Burke didn't even wait until the back nine to ask him about those losses.

As we make our way through the front nine, I ask Norman about those
losses. He admits that he had recently talked to his wife (Kirsten, an
interior designer whom he married in 2010) about them. Sometimes he just
lost, he says. Shot a 67 on the final day and was beaten by a better
score. But what about the others, I ask? Were they chokes? “Some of
them, yes,” he says, softly.
“The hardest ones for me are the two I lost to Mize and Tway,” he says.
The two men–Bob Tway at the 1986 PGA and Larry Mize at the 1987
Masters–holed near-miracle chips to beat him. “That didn’t happen to
other golfers. Those are the ones when you start to wonder about
destiny. But if I dwell on it too much, it starts to turn me into a
friggin’ psychopath.”

The entire story runs in the June 24 issue of ForbesLife. (Photo: AP)

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