Retief Goosen says anchored putters are advantage, should be banned

Retief Goosen says anchored putters are advantage, should be banned

GoosenRetief Goosen knows both sides of the debate over anchored putters: the two-time U.S. Open winner has used both a traditional-length putter and an anchored putter. However, when it comes to the USGA and R&A's proposal to ban anchored putters in 2016, Goosen doesn't equivocate. At the AT&T National Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Tuesday, Goosen said believes that anchored putters are an advantage on short putts and that they should be banned.

Q.  Do you think it's an advantage to use it when it's not pressed to your body? RETIEF GOOSEN:  I still think it encouraged a good pendulum stroke the
length of the putter.  Even if you're not holding it up against you're
chest but just holding it here, it's still encouraging ‑‑ I still think
it's easier than holding it in your two hands way down there.
I just felt like it's going to be a lot little things round the rule
that's going to come in.  They should have just stuck with it has to be a
short putter.

Q.  So you're in favor the banning everything?  You think they should have made the change? RETIEF GOOSEN:  Yeah, I think this should've just been long putters out,
must hold it in the hands the way it should be, and just make the
maximum length for putters 40 inches.

Q.  Did you feel like when you were putting alternatively from the shorter that you putted better, that it was an advantage? RETIEF GOOSEN:  Yes.  I think the long putter does make it easier on the
shorter putts to keep the putter better in line a bit easier. But on your longer putts you don't have so much feel at all as you do
with a short putter. I think there was advantage on the shorter putts.

Goosen is playing a traditional-length putter at Pebble Beach this week. He said he switched back to prepare for if and when the PGA Tour adopts a ban on anchored putters. And while Goosen agrees with the ban, he said he thinks that the ban should address the actual length of the putter, not how it's used.

Although I'm a little bit disappointed with the way the new rule on the long putter has come out. That they only really banned the players that used it as a belly putter. I feel that the rule was a little bit‑‑ I won't say discriminating‑‑ but it's just three guys with belly putters won majors, and the other guys using long putters, their putters wasn't banned.
For me, I feel like they should've banned the long putter and the putter should be held in the hands and should be no longer than 40 inches. That's the way I felt the rule should have been done. There are guys still using long putters and they'll just find ways around the rules to still keep using the long putter. I just felt if they were going to ban long putter, they should have banned the long putter.

Photo: Retief Goosen at the Volvo Golf Champions in Durban, South Africa (Getty Images).  

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