Truth & Rumors: K.J. Choi writes autobiography, ‘Korean Tank’

October 19, 2012

There are some things you may not know about K.J. Choi. Such as: He's been under pressure to write a book for years; and, on Friday, he released that book — "Korean Tank, Choi Kyung-ju."
That's right. According to the Wall Street Journal, K.J. Choi has written a book. And, as novelistic as "Korean Tank, Choi Kyung-ju" sounds, it's an autobiography. The title combines his (seldom-used) American nickname with his given, Korean name.
The book, according Evan Ramstad of the Journal, is "partly the tale of Mr. Choi’s life, his youth on Wan Island off South Jeolla province, his improbable introduction to golf and his amazing entry to the U.S PGA Tour in 1994, at age 23."
Choi was the first South Korean to earn his tour card. Even still, he was initially receptive to writing the book. "“I didn’t want to be seen to write a book just because I’m famous,” Choi told Ramstad in an interview.
The rest of the book seems similarly grounded in that humility, with Choi imparting the tenets that led  to his success:

Mr. Choi writes that he had strong people who helped him realize that golf, something he loved, was a path to broader success in life rather than the be-all-end-all focus of his life…
“From the beginning, people were telling me that I should be disciplined and follow certain guidelines,” Mr. Choi said. “Don’t fool around. Be devoted to the craft. Stay focused. Give back to the community. Pray.”

Well, there you have it: The recipe for success, straight out of K.J.'s cookbook. Now go practice.