Truth & Rumors: Hank Haney says he didn't break 'code'

Truth & Rumors: Hank Haney says he didn’t break ‘code’

Hank Haney defended his new Tiger Woods book "The Big Miss" from criticism that Haney had broken the player-teacher code, a charge made by Rick Smith, Phil Mickelson's former teacher. Speaking to CBS This Morning on Tuesday (the book's release date), Haney said he didn't violate any professional code or understanding when writing about Woods's personal moments.

"The thing about this so called unwritten code. I mean, there is no code, it's not a doctor patient relationship," Haney said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning." "I understand people have that idea and that feeling, and I knew that when I wrote the book. I was very comfortable with that."
Haney added, "The bottom line really was, I felt like these are my memories as well as Tiger's. I didn't think he had an exclusive or a patent on those memories. I'm asked about him all the time, I'm asked about my job and how I worked with Tiger. When you're around greatness, when you observe it, and you want to talk about it. I'm always asked about it, I thought, they're my memories too and I want to share them."

Tiger's win boosts Bay Hill ratings by 129% Michael Hielstand of USA Today looks at the weekend television sports ratings and concludes that Tiger Woods still puts on a pretty good show.

Woods' win Sunday, his first PGA Tour win in 30 months, propelled NBC's Bay Hill coverage to a 4.8 overnight rating, which translates into 4.8% of households in the 56 urban markets measured for overnights. That's up 129% over last year — and is nearly identical to the 4.9 overnight Woods drew for his dramatic win at the event in 2009. So much for the idea that Woods' off-course publicity would turn off viewer interest.
CBS, which airs lots of golf including The Masters, has to be thrilled about Woods becoming a big TV draw again. But probably not thrilled today. In CBS' early NCAA game, Kentucky blowing out Baylor drew a 5.3 overnight — down 29% from a VCU-Kansas game last year.

Victory leap at Dinah Shore made safer, less gross Ever since Amy Alcott jumped into the lake off the 18th green when she won the then-Kraft Dinah Shore at Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, Calif., the winner's victory leap into the pond has been an enduring tradition. However, last year Stacy Lewis' mom was injured jumping into the lake. This year, Kraft Nabisco Championship organizers have made the leap safer. Larry Bohannan of The Desert Sun has the details:

“It’s not really in response to (the injury),” said Gabe Codding, tournament director of the Kraft Nabisco. “It’s something that we looked at. Anything that we had to do, it felt like the appropriate thing to do, to have a jump zone and have an area where a mishap couldn’t happen again. It was important for us to address that issue.”
Poppie’s Pond is a cemented, fresh-water area cut off from the rest of the lake around the 18th green at the Dinah Shore Tournament Course at Mission Hills Country Club. It was initially built to end concerns about players jumping into the murky brown water of the actually lake inhabited by fish, ducks, coots and algae. Codding said the changes in Poppie’s Pond make the area safer for winners and whoever joins the winner in the pond.

Australian snake swallows two golf balls Just take a drop, man.
An Australian carpet python had to have two golf balls surgically removed after he mistook them for chicken eggs. The Sydney Morning Herald has the story:

It wasn't entirely his fault; the chickens' owners had placed the balls there so not to overly bother their chickens when removing eggs.
But while the two-year-old 1.5 metre snake did manage to snaffle two eggs for his trouble, he also swallowed himself a whole lot of trouble.
And, just as another carpet snake, Augusta, discovered in 2008, golf balls are a little hard on the Morelia spilota's digestion.
When he slithered back a week later, either looking for another easy meal or somewhere warm to curl up and digest his loot, the property owners scooped him up and rushed him to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary hospital for some emergency surgery.  

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