Truth & Rumors: Man-eating sharks invade golf course

Truth & Rumors: Man-eating sharks invade golf course

The Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia, may have the most unique water hazard in the history of the game — a lake full of man-eating bull sharks, according to Fox News. Yep, killer sharks that measure up to 10 feet in length are regularly seen poking their fins through the surface of the water by golfers as they set up to hit their shots just yards away. Evidently the toothsome carnivores made their way into the lake some time ago when the course was flooded by a nearby river. When the flood receded, the sharks were stranded, creating an unusual attraction for the golf club.

“You can’t believe how close you are … just six feet [1.8m] away,” club general manager Scott Wagstaff said. “There’s no drama, it’s become a positive thing for the golf course. They are amazing. I’ve become a shark lover since working here. I’m sure they are aggressive when you are in the water but when you are out here feeding them they are beautiful to watch,” he said.

Here’s what Wagstaff’s talking about:  Westwood calls for fifth major in Asia or AustraliaLee Westwood, ranked No. 2 in the world, has been doing a bit of traveling and playing in Asia, and the experience has definitely had an effect. In fact, the burly Englishman recently said he’d like to see a fifth major added to the schedule and contested in either Asia or Australia, according to 

“… I think the men’s game has got it pretty much right, although I’d like to see another Major somewhere else in the world. Somewhere like Asia or Australia,” said Westwood, “I see the way that the Asian economy and markets have supported golf over the last few years and they deserve to have big tournaments there. Asian golf is getting bigger isn’t it? Asia seems to be one of the places that hasn’t been hit so hard by the financial crisis….Sponsors are more likely to want to put money into sporting events there because they’ve got it.”

Well, his reasoning seems sound considering the growth of the game around the world, but a fifth major? We’re not so sure. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Fowler welcomes rivalry with McIlroyHaving just won his first pro tournament at the Korea Open on Sunday, Rickie Fowler was well aware of the fact that he had beaten U.S. Open Champion Rory McIlroy in the process. He also made it clear that he looks forward to competing with, and beating, the young Ulsterman for years to come, according to Golfweek’s Sean Martin.

He’s beaten me, I’ve beaten him before, but to win a golf tournament and beat him was different. It was cool. He was there for the first part of the awards ceremony. I respect him greatly. He’s a really cool guy. It’s been fun to play against him, and nice to get a win against him finally. I look forward to playing against him for a long time. With the two of us being 22, we’ve got some years left.

Fowler will play one more event this year at the McGladrey Classic, and then will most likely shut it down until 2012.  Tweet of the Day Gulbis_tweet Wie_gulbis

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