Live Presidents Cup coverage: Thursday foursomes

Live Presidents Cup coverage: Thursday foursomes

7:58 p.m. A few loose ends: Goosen looked like he initially conceded the putt that Leonard missed. According to Capt. Greg Norman, Goosen didn't concede the putt, he just though the match was over. To his credit, Leonard didn't blame the confustion for his miss, but simply said, "I made a bad putt."For our Nominate a Celebrity Ryder Cup Contest, I couldn't decide between Spainy's "For
the Ryder Cup nongolfer assistant captain, I'll nominate Serena
Williams,because a golf ball is a lot easier to cram down a marshal's
throat" and Mikey's "Charles Barkley – because no one can possibly feel bad about the state of their game when he's around." So we'll send hats to both of you.
That's all for today from the Presidents Cup Live Blog. Thanks to Friends of the Blog Stephanie Wei and Eddie Merrins for their always insightful contributions. Golf Magazine senior editor Alan Bastable will be taking over tomorrow. Thanks for reading!7:51 p.m. Oh my 3-footer! Leonard misses the gimme-length putt and Yang and Goosen get the unlikely halve. Ah, Justin, we'll always have Brookline. Final score after Day 1: USA 3.5, Internationals 2.5
Kim/Mickelson defeat Weir/Clark, 3 and 2
Woods/Stricker defeat Ogilvy/Ishikawa, 6 and 4
Perry/Johnson defeat Cabrera/Villegas, 2 up

Scott/Els defeat Mahan/O'Hair, 2 and 1
Singh/Allenby defeat Glover/Cink, 1 upYang/Goosen halve with Leonard/Furyk 7:50 p.m.Furyk's lag putt leaves Leonard with a little of the proverbial chicken on the bone. Interesting.7:47 p.m.Yang chips it close from the short-side rough. The dude is a game. Two putts for USA to win match.7:45 p.m.Goosen misses and short-sides Yang in the rough to the right of the green. Leonard finds the green. Advantage: USA. 7:43 p.m.Goosen in the fairway, 264 yards away, one of Tour's best 3-wood players…7:35 p.m.Cabrera and Villegas make a meal of 18 and concede to Perry and Johnson. US 3, Int'l 2. Only one match left. Furyk/Leonard 1-up over Goosen/Yang through 17.7:30 p.m. Singh and Allenby defeat Glover and Cink. Friend of the Blog Eddie Merrins bleeds red, white and blue, but he's happy to see  the Internationals show some fight: I want to see a close match. I went to the Walker Cup at Merion last month and it was disappointing that the match was already decided by the last day. I like to see these things go down to the last match.7:28 p.m. Your scores…

Kim/Mickelson defeat Weir/Clark, 3 and 2
Woods/Stricker defeat Ogilvy/Ishikawa, 6 and 4

Scott/Els defeat Mahan/O'Hair, 2 and 1

Singh/Allenby 1 up over Glover/Cink, thru 17
Perry/Johnson 1 up over Cabrera/Villegas, thru 17
Furyk/Leonard 2 up over Goosen/Yang, thru 167:25 p.m. Bogeys all round for Yang/Goosen, Furyk/Leonard. U.S. 2-up with two to play. y.7:23 p.m. Y.E. Yang hits his bunker shot thin and it bounces off the pin and flies to the edge of the green. Somewhere, Tiger Woods is asking, "Where were these shots in Minnesota?"7:20 p.m. Villegas makes a big-time putt on 17 to keep his match alive. Give him credit, he's totally into this team format.7:15 p.m.Wily U.S. veterans Jim Furyk and Justin Leonard have turned the tables on Goosen and Yang, now 2-up with three to play.7:11 p.m.Robert Allenby makes a nice putt on 17, and Glover runs his 8-footer past the hole. Vijay and Allenby 1-up with one to play. I like Allenby but in a movie he'd be the golf pro who has an affair with Michael Douglas' wife.7:05 p.m. Nice left-to-right putt by Zach Johnson and he and Kenny Perry are 1 up with two to play over the Cabrera and Villegas. Not making last year's Ryder Cup team really lit the proverbial fire under Zach.7:01 p.m. Scoreboard updateU.S. 2, INTERNATIONAL 1
Kim/Mickelson defeat Weir/Clark, 3 and 2
Woods/Stricker defeat Ogilvy/Ishikawa, 6 and 4

Scott/Els defeat Mahan/O'Hair, 2 and 1

Perry/Johnson vs. Cabrera/Villegas, thru 15
Singh/Allenby vs. Glover/Cink, thru 16

Furyk/Leonard 1 up over Goosen/Yang, thru 146:58 p.m.Adam Scott and Ernie Els close out Hunter Mahan and Sean O'Hair 2 and 1.Reader Dave writes: If Scott's "dinky" wedge was the shot of the day…just confirms how boring this day has been.6:56 p.m.I know you're all transfixed by the Presidents Cup, but Friend of the Blog Stephanie Wei posted the naked LPGA players photo from ESPN the Magazine on her web site Wei Under Par. You know, if that sort of thing interests you…6:54 p.m. More scores…U.S. 2, International 0

Kim/Mickelson over Weir/Clark, 3 and 2

Woods/Stricker over Ogilvy/Ishikawa, 6 and 4
All Square
Perry/Johnson vs. Cabrera/Villegas, thru 14
U.S. leads
Furyk/Leonard 1 up over Goosen/Yang, thru 13
International leads 2 matches
Scott/Els 2 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 16
Singh/Allenby 1 up over Glover/Cink, thru 156:50 p.m. Dave writes: O'Hair has
struggled but Mahan has put him in the position to struggle all day.
Where has Mahan's game gone to?…3rd in birdies this year…wow
Agreed, neither guy will include today in their 2009 highlights DVD, but Mahan has nothing to prove after the 2008 Ryder Cup. Maybe just an off-day, it happens.6:48 p.m. Tiger: "We put the hammer on pretty good." Yes, they did.6:47 p.m.Els and Scott go 2-up with two to play after O'Hair misses his birdie putt after lining it up for about 3 days. Tiger and Stricker finish off Ogilvy and Ishikawa 6 and 4. I don't think the cell phone was a factor.6:45 p.m.I'm really enjoying Michael Jordan's second career as the ultimate guy's guy. It must drive the American players' wives crazy. "Uh, honey, I'll be home late. We're going to smoke some cigars, play some spades, then head over to the Indian casino to hang out with some of Michael's friends. Hey, it's a team-building exercise."6:40 p.m.Adam Scott makes the shot of the day, sticking a wedge to inches on 16 in what's now a must-win match for the Internationals. Adam and Ernie still up over O'Hair and Mahan.6:39 p.m. It's quiet out there, commenters, too quiet. Might be time for a Live Blog Contest. In the spirit of assistant captain Michael Jordon, nominate a nongolfer to be assistant captain on next year's Ryder Cup team and tell us why. Best nomination gets a Golf Magazine hat, runners up will get whatever swag we can find around here.6:36 p.m.Tiger says he really likes the exciting young players on the American team so he decides to play with…. Steve Stricker. Right call, though, they're 6-up through 12.6:33 p.m. More scores…U.S. wins
Kim/Mickelson over Weir/Clark, 3 and 2

All Square
Perry/Johnson vs. Cabrera/Villegas, thru 13
Furyk/Leonard vs. Goosen/Yang, thru 11

International leads 2 matches
Scott/Els 1 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 14
Singh/Allenby 2 up over Glover/Cink, thru 13

U.S. leads 1 match
Woods/Stricker 6 up over Ogilvy/Ishikawa, thru 126:31 p.m.After the Rio surprise, I'm a little worried about golf's final Olympic vote tomorrow morning. 6:25 p.m. Four-straight birdies for AK and Phil! Mike Weir misses his birdie putt on 16 and the USA wins 3 and 2.6:24 p.m. Your scores…All Square Perry/Johnson vs. Cabrera/Villegas, thru 11 

U.S. leads 3 matches Kim/Mickelson 2 up over Weir/Clark, thru 15 Woods/Stricker 5 up over Ogilvy/Ishikawa, thru 10 Furyk/Leonard 1 up over Goosen/Yang, thru 9

International leads 2 matches Scott/Els 1 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 13 Singh/Allenby 2 up over Glover/Cink, thru 12 6:20 p.m.Scott/Els still 1-up over O'Hair/Mahan through 13. If AK and Phil run away with their match, the international team will really need Scott and Els to win.6:16 p.m.If they make an Argentinian version of The Sopranos, Angel Cabrera would make a great Tony. He and Camilo are all square with Perry and Zach Johnson through 10.6:13 p.m.Sean O'Hair lands his tee shot on 13 about 20 feet from the hole; Ernie on the green too. The American players are treating Sean like their kid brother this week; they appear really fond of him. 6:10 p.m.Another birdie for AK and Phil on 15. 2-up. Phil could have used this putting stroke at Bethpage.6:05 p.m. Woods and Stricker are playing like they have early dinner reservations at French Laundry: 5-up through 10 over Ogilvy and Ishikawa.5:59 p.m. Phil makes his birdie putt on the par-3 13th; Clark misses. Phil and AK 1-up. Mickelson is clearly on a roll after winning the Tour Championship. Friend of the Blog Eddie Merrins says it's not Phil's putting so much as that he's swinging the club better. "When you have confidence, you play better and you putt better," Merrins says.5:56 p.m. Scoreboard update from Live Blog Headquarters:All Square
Weir/Clark vs. Kim/Mickelson, thru 13

International leads 3 matches
Scott/Els 1 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 11
Singh/Allenby 2 up over Glover/Cink, thru 10
Goosen/Yang 3 up over Furyk/Leonard, thru 7

U.S. leads 2 matches
Perry/Johnson 1 up over Cabrera/Villegas, thru 9
Woods/Stricker 4 up over Ogilvy/Ishikawa, thru 95:54 p.m.Why should we hope that AK is the future of golf? He plays fast. Already teed off on 14. A lot of guys would still be checking off their 12-step pre-shot routines.5:52 p.m. The match of the day, AK/Phil vs. Weirsie/Tim Clark, is all square through 13 after a Phil birdie putt. We hear the first "USA! USA!" chants. 5:48 p.m. Weir sticks his wedge to about 15; AK get his to eight feet. Still, Stephanie Wei thinks Phil and AK (1-down) are making this all too hard on themselves: Phil and Anthony Kim play the same way — aggressively." True. But that translates to "foolishly" sometimes. She adds: Great shot by AK. IF Phil can make the putt, it could turn the momentum to the US. Finally. 5:43 p.m.Furyk and Leonard battling back against Yang and Goosen. Just 1-down through 7 after winning last two holes.5:36 p.m.Phil makes a nice recovery shot after a wayward drive by AK on 11. Match-play events are so much better to watch live. The Golf Channel does a good job showing you all the shots, but other than the Phil/AK-Weir/Clark match, it's hard to get a feel for the matches from television.5:33 p.m. Hey, Hunter Mahan! Kanye West called and he wants his sunglasses back.Hunter-mahan-sun   5:28 p.m. Another scoreboard update:International leads 4 matches
Weir/Clark 1 up over Kim/Mickelson, thru 10

Scott/Els 1 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 9
Singh/Allenby 2 up over Glover/Cink, thru 8
Goosen/Yang 3 up over Furyk/Leonard, thru 5

U.S. leads 2 matches
Perry/Johnson 1 up over Cabrera/Villegas, thru 8

Woods/Stricker 3 up over Ogilvy/Ishikawa, thru 65:25 p.m. Bob writes: President's Cup wisely going up against the baseball playoffs, baseball wins this one 9&8With all the commercials, I feel you can really watch both. Wish we could put some pitchers on the clock.5:21 p.m.Tim Clark makes a nice 10-footer to halve No. 10. This Weir/Clark vs. AK/Phil match is good.5:17 p.m.Goosen and Yang go 3-up over U.S. veterans Furyk and Leonard. Vijay Singh says the addition of new guys like Yang and Angel Cabrera have given a new spark to this year's international squad.This year has been different. We have four guys from not your normal four
guys. Cabrera always is a fun guy to be with, but you never hang out
with Cabrera, Camilo, as well. And Ryo is a young kid. Gosh, I've got
my son older than him, you know. And Yang, he's a newcomer to the TOUR
and he's had great success. You know, those four guys, they kind of bring a different kind of
attitude to the team, as well. I think that we'll do well. I think that
we are very excited about this thing and it's going to be a great week.
5:13 p.m.Steve Sticker and Woods go three up through six after Woods sticks it close and Stricker drains the birdie putt. Stephanie Wei is a big fan of the pairing: Tiger/Stricker pairing is match made in
heaven. Their games offset the other and they're two of the best
putters on Tour. If they were paired together in every match, I think
they'd be virtually unbeatable.
5:09 p.m.Friend of the Blog Stephanie Wei wonders: AK/Phil = weakest link for US?I dunno. Lot of candidates out there today.5:06 p.m. Scoreboard update:

International leads 4 matches

Weir/Clark 1 up over Kim/Mickelson, thru 9 

Scott/Els 1 up over Mahan/O'Hair, thru 7

Singh/Allenby 2 up over Glover/Cink, thru 7

Goosen/Yang 2 up over Furyk/Leonard, thru


U.S. leads 2 matches

Perry/Johnson 1 up over Cabrera/Villegas,
thru 6           

Woods/Stricker 2 up over Ogilvy/Ishikawa,
thru 5
5:05 p.m. Phil misses a par putt on 9. Too many pars are winning holes so far today.4:59 p.m. San Francisco fans cheer Tim Clark's tee shot into a bunker on the par 3 ninth. The summer of love is over.4:57 p.m. Tim Clark's long putter looks taller than Tim Clark.4:54 p.m. Sean O'Hair makes a short one on seven and cuts the Scott/Els lead to 1. Asst. Captain Michael Jordan has taken O'Hair under his wing this week. O'Hair should ask Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown how that worked out for them. 4:53 p.m. For everyone worried that the Presidents Cup is too chummy, remember, just 11 months until we see Captain Montgomerie.4:49 p.m. Yang and Goosen go 2-up over Leonard/Furyk after a Yang putt. Allenby and Singh go 2-up over Glover/Cink as well. Clearly the cell phone strategy isn't working.4:44 p.m. AK hits a great putt on 7 that horseshoes out. Weir drains his. Match square.4:40 p.m. Interesting to watch alternate-shot partnerships. AK and Phil are both aggressive players and appear to appreciate each other's games. Woods and Stricker are the ultimate grinders. Why are Ernie and Adam Scott together? Because Ernie said he wanted to play with Adam. Ernie gets what he wants.4:37 p.m. First sign of scandal? Ogilvy misses a putt after four cell phones go off as he stands over his putt. Woods and Stricker 2-up over Ogilvy and Ishikawa.4:35 p.m. Justin Leonard and Tiger Woods each miss birdie putts. There's been some talk about the bumpy Harding Park greens. Friend of the Blog Eddie Merrins isn't concerned: "Golf isn't supposed to be easy street. The greens are the same for everybody."4:30 p.m. Ouch. Weir misses a short putt for double-bogey. Phil and AK now up 1.4:28 p.m. Jordie asks: Will Tiger take it as a personal challenge playing with Ryo; show the young kid where he really stands?I don't think Tiger's too worried about Ryo. I hope we see Tiger vs. Yang on Sunday though. That one will really matter to Woods.4:25 p.m. Quick scoreboard update:Phil Mickelson/Anthony Kim all square with Mike Weir/Tim Clark.Adam Scott/Ernie Els 2-up against Hunter Mahan/Sean O'HairVijay Singh/Robert Allenby 1-up against Stewart Cink/Lucas GloverAngel Cabrera/Camilo Villegas all square with Kenny Perry/Zach JohnsonTiger Woods/Steve Stricker 1-up on Ryo Ishikawa/Geoff OgilvyYE Yang/Retief Goosen 1-up on Jim Furyk and Justin Leonard4:18 p.m. Shag Bag says: "Alternate
shot is unusual in the U.S., but worldwide, it's often used to speed up
play at busy courses on weekends." I've never heard of that and would
think it would be unfair to ask golfers to pay full price and only hit
half the shots. I have been to courses that encourage scramble format,
I wouldn't want to play it every day, but the next time you're out with your regular foursome, try alternate shot. It's a a fun change of pace, although when your buddy runs his 10-footer six feet past the hole it can really test a friendship.4:13 p.m. Woods/Stricker-Ogivly/Ishikawa square after birdie-birdie on No. 1. AK makes up for his misses with a long putt and wins the hole.  4:10 p.m. Villegas and Cabrera go up one — the Internationals now up in four matches. Friend of the Blog Stephanie Wei of the Wei Under Par blog checks in on the U.S. shaky start:

The Americans sure are off to a good start on the greens. I
mean, O'Hair just yipped a 3-footer (apparently Tiger's putting tips at the
Tour Championship haven't stuck). AK, who is actually a good putter (ranked 2nd
on Tour) made three huge misses in four holes. What did Freddie say again? If
he could putt on those greens, any of the other 24 guys can? Hmmmm….
4:06 p.m. Robert Allenby and Vijay Singh go one-up on Lucas Glover and Stewart Cink after an Allenby putt. Internationals up on three matches so far.4:04 p.m. On-course reporter and deputy editor David Dusek checks in with a report from Harding Park: As
the players arrived on the range, all of them shook hands and talked
briefly with San Francisco resident Ken Venturi. He looked in
everyone’s golf bag, made a few swings and watched as the guys warmed
up. Anthony Kim was listening to his iPhone on the range, and Venturi
told me he used to hum when he got loose before a round. “Bobby Jones
used to whistle too,” he said. “He whistled some blues songs and it
helped him get in a good rhythm."
3:59 p.m. The marquee group (Tiger and Sticker vs. Ogilvy and Japanese teen phenom Ishikawa) is on the first tee. AK misses another putt that could have won the hole. Still 1-down to Weir/Clark. 3:57 p.m. Sean O'Hair misses the 3-footer Mahan left him and  Scott/Els go 2-up. Legendary Teaching Pro Eddie Merrins say that international players should be better at the alternate shot format because they play it more. "Alternate shot is unusual in the U.S., but worldwide, it's often used to speed up play at busy courses on weekends," Merrins said.3:55 p.m. Mahan misses a putt to win the hole and leaves his partner O'Hair with a little comebacker for the halve.3:53 p.m. Jordie asks: Does Phil's back still look like it is going to be an issue?Definitely not an issue. Phil said the back problem was exaggerated and he's been kicking butt all week on the ping-pong table, even beating Tiger in their annual grudge match. Although Zach Johnson is skeptical of Phil's game:Phil got the best of me last
night. He's got this Zen voodoo junk on his serve that I don't think is
even legal. Fundamentally, I'm certainly the best, but Phil has got
some sort of spin stuff that I can't figure out yet. But I got him once
and it's going to be the trend. No one else — there's a couple of guys
that can take me, but I think I've got the best of most of everybody.
3:50 p.m. Golf Channel gives us the first shot of assistant captain Michael Jordan. I feel bad about all the flak he's catching for smoking a cigar on the course. Someone should have told MJ that if you're going to smoke something at a San Francisco park, it better be medical marijuana.3:46 p.m. Adam Scott misses a putt on No. 2 and Phil and AK are all-square. The Spanish (speaking) Armada of Camilo Villegas and Angel Cabrera are on the tee, facing Kenny Perry and Zach Johnson.3:43 p.m. producer and style critic Anne Szeker tweets: Could they have picked a more awful suit for the U.S. Team wives? eek., I don't have an opinion on the American wives' outfits, but I know that if you look up "overchicked" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Jim Furyk.Tabitha-furyk-400 3:39 p.m. Predictions for the
Presidents Cup? in the year of Cabrera, Glover, Cink and Yang, I have no
idea. On paper, the international team always looks good but the Americans have had a
definite edge in this event. I asked Friend of the Blog and SoCal Teaching
Legend Eddie Merrins what he thought. Here's Eddie: "It's hard to state
that the Internationals aren't the stronger-looking team. Take away Phil and
Tiger and you don't have a lot of big wins on the American Team, whereas you
see a lot of major winners on the International side."
3:35 p.m. Els and Scott take a point from Mahan and O'Hair after Mahan runs his halve attempt way past the hole. Then Mike Weir makes a six-footer and then AK misses a short one. Weir/Clark 1-up. Anyway to convince Weir to emigrate to the U.S. and join the Ryder Cup team? They guy has always been a killer.3:33 p.m. Clark makes a nice chip from the rough on the par-3 second. Mickelson runs his birdie putt past the hole. BTW, the struggling Adam Scott hit a spectator with his drive on No. 1. Just saying.3:29 p.m. Just joking about Sean O'Hair, but he and teammate Hunter Mahan did bond over scotch this week. The whole week has a laid-back attitude, with players drinking beers and playing ping-pong. O'Hair and Mahan are on the course now against Ernie Els and Adam Scott.3:27 p.m. Phil and AK make a mess of No. 1, three-putting and halving the hole with Weir and Clark. 3:22 p.m. On the first hole of alt shot, Phil Mickelson and
Anthony Kim are playing Tim Clark and Mike Weir. That's a tall order
for Tim and Mike, they really got the short end of the stick here.3:20 p.m. Sorry for the technical difficulties at the Live Blog. We were out drinking scotch with Sean O'Hair last night and decided to switch our software. We're back live. Please post a comment below. 

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