Michelle Wie: Leave my parents alone

Michelle Wie: Leave my parents alone

Since Michelle Wie went 3-0-1 at the Solheim Cup last month, the future
of women's professional golf is looking brighter. The LPGA's
19-year-old meal ticket appears closer than ever to winning her first
tournament and the Jamie Farr Classic will remain on next year's
schedule, ending speculation that the Ohio tournament would be a victim
of the contraction of the pro-sports economy.

(By the way, the Jamie Farr Classic is the best-named event in sports.
If you're under 30, this is the equivalent of Screech from Saved by the
getting his own golf tournament.)

Wie herself sounds excited about this week's Canadian Open, although her Twitter posts reveal far more of her quirky personality than her "I like Canada, it's pretty cool" media conferences. But she's not happy about criticism of her mother and father,
who've been cast as the most villainous stage parents since the
Ramseys. More than a few commentators speculated that keeping her
parents away from the Solheim Cup team contributed to Wie's success in
the competition.

"You know, it's hard to hear stuff being said about your parents," Wie said. "I just don't like when people write stuff when
they don't know what they're talking about. But you know, people write
what they want to write. And you know, everyone has their opinion and
everyone's entitled to it. But I don't think that gives the right to
bash anyone's parents."Follow Michael Walker Jr. on Twitter.

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