Oberholser to sidelines

April 11, 2008

Oberholser_300 A one-under-par 71 was a pretty good opening score in the Masters but Arron Oberholser wasn’t the least bit happy after his round. His physical problems are persisting and he said Thursday that the Masters will be his last tournament for some time. He has already been approved for a medical exemption by the PGA Tour and is going to take two months off to let his injuries heal.
Oberholser had surgery on the palm of his left hand last year but he tried to come back to competition too soon, he admitted. That led to bursitis in his shoulder and, since then, increasing neck pain. "Other than that, I’m fine," he joked.
"I can play one or two rounds and play well but not three or four," he said, "and certainly not two or three weeks in a row. It’s very frustrating. I’m tired of listening to doctors."
After two months off, which means two months without hitting any golf balls, Obersholser said he’ll probably need at least another month to get his game back into competitive shape. He’ll determine when he plays next based on his recovery. (Photo: Chris O’Meara/AP)