Golf clothes worn by Rickie Fowler, Camilo Villegas, Dustin Johnson

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In 2010, with Tiger quiescent, a new generation of superb athletes started to make a statement. Some louder than others. Superfit Camilo Villegas wears his own clothing line, by the Swedish designer J. Lindeberg. It features pale shades, very fitted shirts and flare-bottom trousers, with edgy, abstract accessories.
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Dustin Johnson is known for his sideburns and soul patch, but he is an unusually long-waisted guy, an effect enhanced by his incredible swing and his typically all-black or Navy clothes, the trousers slung low with a metal, three-stripe Adidas white belt.
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Rory McIlroy has lately gone Californian, with his peroxided hair and his Oakley clothing, typically ultramodern color-block golf shirts nicely counterpointed by classic windowpane-check trousers.
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Rickie Fowler is the ice cream man of golf fashion, donning the Baskin-Robbins shock colors of his apparel sponsor, Puma. Sometimes this works, sometimes not, but he's a compelling figure with a big swing and an oversized cap to accommodate that unruly mop of hair.
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Ian Poulter has made the world safe again for plaid pants. For years he has pushed the golf fashion envelope with his spiked hair, snappy tartan trousers and wild color mixes from his own IJP Design collection. He definitely knows what he is doing.
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Ryo Ishikawa could be called Retro Ryo because the Japanese phenom likes to go for broke, both in his play and in his personal style. Like Poulter, he is mad for bright colors, plaids and favors that 70's look on tour.
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Adam Scott is tall, leading-man handsome abnd tends to look good whatever he wears. Unlike the others, his style is on the quiet side, with traditional English clothes by Aquascutum. He's an Australian surfer dude, but he gives off Gregory Peckish vibes on the course.
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Ryan Moore has made a point of dressing his own way, and the heck with everyone else. This includes a necktie flying under his left elbow on the downswing. He's a funky traditionalist — cardigan sweaters, ties with polo shirts, and his very own brand of comfort-oriented golf shoes.
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Ricky Barnes is another Oakley-sponsored, California-type guy. He favors striped, zipped golf shirts, compression jerseys and hip belt buckles, but he made his fashion mark forever with his military, Castro-style golf hats.
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Graeme McDowell marched to the U.S. Open championship wearing a cozy, dove-gray cardigan, pink shirt and yellow pants. Maybe he just lulled everyone to sleep. McDowell, who also subdued Tiger Woods at the Chevron World Challenge, has his golf clothes custom made in Dublin.