The World’s Longest Golf Course: Nullarbor Links

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This rusty pick-up truck points players to one of the synthetic tee boxes at Nullarbor Golf Links.
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Sens was greeted at a local roadhouse by one of the millions of kangaroos that call the Nullarbor, and the course, home.
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GOLF Magazine's Josh Sens shot a 93 in his round.
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2,500 players have finished all 18 holes, and no one has come close to breaking par. In fact, the course record (78) was shot by Australian pro Len Thomas when he was testing the course prior to its opening.
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The course has a par of 72, and it takes at least three days to complete a round, including the long drives in between holes.
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In 1990, Bob Bongiorno, one of the founders of the course, built a museum to honor Skylab, the space station that crashed into the Nullarbor in 1979. The museum failed to draw many tourists. The golf course was Bongiorno's next attempt at attracting visitors to the outback.
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The Nullarbor plain is known for its desolate nature. Several towns dot the area, each containing far fewer people than wildlife.
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Other greens are made of cinder ash that you rake smooth before you putt.
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Due to the sweltering climate, little grass grows in Nullarbor. All of the tee boxes are Astroturf, as well as some of the greens.
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Nullarbor Golf Links' 18 holes are spread across 850 miles of rugged outback terrain in Southwestern Australia.
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Among the courses numerous natural quirks is this crow that lives near the par-5 5th hole and routinely steals golf balls from players.