What Pros Eat During a Round

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"I always have four sandwiches in my bag, two turkey and cheese and two peanut butter and jelly. No real reason, except that I like them." --Bubba Watson
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"I like Cliff bars because they taste good and they’re convenient, and I drink Biosteel performance drinks for the energy." --Jason Day
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"I keep it simple on the course. Almonds are good because they give you some light protein. Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is good too." --Lucas Glover
4 of 9 Elaine Thompson / AP
"I eat peanut butter and jelly because it’s easy, or sometimes I go for one of those 10th Tee bars. Eating during a round needs to be convenient and not too heavy." --John Huh
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"Fruit is always good during a round. I tend to eat bananas or apples. PB&J is also good because it has some protein." -Kevin Chappell
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"You don’t want to get weighed down too much during a tournament. I usually just go for bananas, a Cliff bar, or some nuts." --Jeff Klauk
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"I never eat on the course, even if I’m playing 36 holes. If I have food it messes me up for a few holes and I can’t afford that. Water is all have." --Patrick Reed
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"I don’t eat a lot during a tournament round. NutriGrain bars are good and I drink water with Nuun hydration tablets." --Casey Wittenberg
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"I don’t like to eat anything during a round so I always eat a good full breakfast or lunch beforehand. I do have sports drinks to keep hydrated." --Scott Brown