Tour winners on their happiest golf moments

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Bliss and tell Tour winners sound off on their happiest moments, on and off the course STUART APPLEBY Happiest golf moment "My first win stands out: the Honda Classic in '97. I remember driving home and thinking, 'I won, I won — I came to the Tour and won.'" The secret to happiness "Sharing time with friends and family. As you get older, kids, commitments — life — makes it nice to step away from the game. But the two intermingle. Being happy is conducive to good golf."
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MIKE WEIR Happiest golf moment "When I got my Tour card for the first time [1997], that was a dream. Winning in Canada and the Masters was obviously special, but getting your card is pretty cool." Secret to happiness "I'm on the road half the year, so I'll say being with my family, sleeping in my own bed, being at home, fishing or skiing with my kids. You need to get away."
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STEWART CINK Happiest golf moment "Walking off the tee on the 72nd hole at the 2004 [WGC-NEC Invitational]. I drove the ball right down the middle of the fairway, and I knew I wasn't going to lose that three-shot lead. It was a surreal moment. I'll never forget it." The secret to happiness "Getting outdoors: skiing, backpacking. I enjoy the peace I get outdoors with my family."
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FRED FUNK Happiest golf moment "Probably when I made the last putt to win the Players [Championship, in 2005]. That was an amazing feeling. When you finally win, and you know your week is over and you've been successful, that's a very special moment." The secret to happiness "Not just playing golf, but actually enjoying playing golf."
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TREVOR IMMELMAN Happiest golf moment "When you win. This game is just so demanding, and we all know that it'll never be perfected. So to actually go and beat the game for even just one week — as a pro golfer, that's true happiness. Augusta was the most satisfied I've felt on a course." The secret to happiness "Accepting the results of your efforts. No matter what."