Golf sunglasses offer technology, protection, enhanced vision on the course

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Adidas Retego $150, Collaboratively designed with Justin Rose, the Retego boasts five lens options—each lens color is preselected by Adidas to match a specific frame color. The 'Quick-Change Lens System'makes it simple to exchange one lens for another to keep up with variances in light conditions (additional lenses not included). The nose pad can be adjusted to two heights for a more tailored fit, while 'Flex Zones' in the temple eliminate pressure points behind the ears.
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Scheyden Composite Hybrid Wrap Jet-A $259, These glasses include "cedar rolled"; composite frames with flexible, hypoallergenic temples and cloisonnee; tips that promise comfort, even if you're wearing a hat. The company's multi-layer CR-39 lenses have a hydrophobic coating to repel water and perspiration, layers of magnesium hexafluoride to protect eyes from harsh reflections, and a scratch-resistant finish.
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Tifosi Tyrant $60, The Tyrant provides a nice blend of comfort and stability, thanks to Tifosi's exclusive adjustable earpiece system and hydrophilic rubber nosepiece and earpiece that increase grip as you sweat. Bendable Grilamid TR-90 nylon frames attach to ventilated lenses that reduce fogging by increasing airflow.
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NYX Pro Z17 $79, Three included interchangeable lenses—the Deflector for bright sunny days, the Neutralizer for medium light or partly cloudy days, and the Luminator for low light conditions—guarantee that you'll be prepared for just about anything Mother Nature can send your way. Form-fitting temples ensure a comfortable fit, too.
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Maui Jim Fleming Beach $319, "PolarizedPlus 2" lens technology uses rare earth elements to reduce 99.9 percent of harmful glare from above, below and behind you. Bottom line: These glasses help to reduce eye fatigue and provide lots of contrast and depth perception—colors are brighter and whites are whiter, allowing you to keep a closer eye on your ball's flight.
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Sundog H EVO $76, The newest model in Sundog's Hunter Mahan Signature H Series has an adjustable nose pad and "Mela-Lens" technology, which uses synthetic melanin in the lenses to shield your eyes against ultraviolet light. The Mela-Lens, in fact, provides 100 percent UVA/UVB protection and adds a hard coating to limit scratches.
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SunBuster XCel XChg $130, The marquee feature here is the purple "PuttReaders" lens, whichfilters light in the visible spectrum to help you see course contours more clearly. For example, by blocking out the color green from a putting surface, the lens enhances the blacks, reds and yellows, which allows you to better read the breaks and grain of a putt. Choose from large- or small-cut lenses that best fit your face and head size.
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Oakley Fast Jacket XLJ
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Oakley Fast Jacket XLJ $220-$280, Oakley's "Switch Lock" technology uses a release mechanism and suspension system to keep lenses in place for a secure and distortion-free fit. (Fast Jacket XLJ comes with one pair of extra lenses.) "XYZ Optics" maximizes your rang of vision by providing clarity to the periphery of the lens. The "Nano-Clear" lens cleaner pen (included) creates a hydrophobic coating that makes lenses not only water repellent, but oil, smudge and dirt resistant, too.
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Nike Show-X2 $139, Nike's latest frame comes standard with two sets of lenses. The company's "Interchange LensSystem" allows you to play around with a variety of lenses, but the Max Golf Tint is the primary "golf-specific" option. This lens enhances critical details of the fairway and green and aids shot-tracking by amplifying the whiteness of the ball. Adjustable temples and a ventilated nosepiece make the Show-X2 stable and fog resistant.
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Callaway Tour Authentic FT-iH $200, The golf-specific NEOX lenses sharpen your depth perception while blocking harmful UV rays. The lenses feature 'Transitions SOLFX' technology—photochromic molecules within the lenses adapt to changes in light (making the lens gradually lighter or darker) and counteract distortion.
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VedaloHD Como $140, The company's exclusive HDL-3C lens technology uses a tri-stimulus filtering process on the lens to shorten the eye's receptor response time, resulting in increased color sensitivity and improved chromatic contrast. Basically, it's like seeing color through a sun filter. The Como comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth designed to preserve the glasses' scratch resistant coating.