Six new belly putters

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Bettinardi Belly BB53 Belly Putter Price: $325 Lengths: Bettinardi commonly sells its BB53 putter “uncut” at 48 inches. This allows a retailer to trim the shaft to a customer’s desired length. Insight: The face balanced, carbon steel head has a half-moon shape to increase perimeter weighting. The BB53 comes with a center or heel shaft. Fitting tool: None
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Nike Method Concept Belly Putter Price: $230 Lengths: Standard is 43 inches. You can custom order the putter anywhere between 39 and 44.75 inches, in 0.25-inch increments. Insight: It offers a unique look, plus a radical weight scheme—a light aluminum clubface [red] and a heavier steel body—that gets the ball rolling end-over-end sooner than many others. ClubTest 2012 Review: Nike Method Core Concept Fitting tool: None
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Odyssey Metal-X #7 Belly Putter Price: $190 Lengths: Standard is 43 inches. Also available in 0.5-inch increments between 38.5 and 47 inches. Insight: The textured aluminum clubface minimizes ball-to-face contact for a softer sound while weighted “wings” in the rear boost the club’s moment of inertia. ClubTest 2012 Review: Callaway Metal-X #7 Fitting tool: Not at this time. However, Odyssey co-developed an online putter fitting system with Dave Pelz. Go to
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Scotty Cameron Select GoLo Belly Putter Price: $350 Lengths: Standard is 43 inches. Custom lengths are 38 to 46 inches. Insight: Titleist is expected to debut conforming, adjustable Mid and Long putters later this year. More on the Scotty Cameron for Titleist Select putters. Fitting tool: An adjustable fitting tool (nonconforming) can be altered by hand quickly and easily between 40 and 46 inches. The device is in 1,200 retail locations.
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TaylorMade Ghost Manza Belly Putter Price: $200 Lengths: 38 to 46 inches Insight: The 380-gram aluminum head has a pair of tungsten sole weights, two bold black lines to aid alignment, and 2.5° loft. ClubTest 2012 Review: TaylorMade Ghost Manta Fitting tool: The telescopic tool (available at 3,000 retailers) fits for 39- to 46-inch lengths in 0.25-inch increments. Grip length options are 15, 17, and 21 inches. (A removable sole plug allows you to test various head weights.)
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Yes Pippi 12 Mid Belly Putter Price: $200 Lengths: Standard is 43 inches. Can be custom fit from 39 to 46 inches. Insight: Center-shafted blade has slight toe hang and no offset. C-Grooves grip the ball so putts roll end over end. Fitting tool: It’s an appendage to the standard-length tool. Remove the grip and replace with a belly grip that’s 10 inches longer. You can fit for length and lie.