North Korean Amateur Open

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STRAIGHT TALK: A Pyongyang Golf Course caddie helps a contestant with his alignment.
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STATUE OF LIMITATIONS: Pyongyang street sweepers tidy the area around a monument of the "Great Leader," Kim Il-sung. The late despot is credited with green-lighting North Korea's first golf course.
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INSIDE THE ROPES: Golf Magazine's Josh Sens bows out after a round at Pyongyang.
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OLD WORLD: The area around Pyongyang Golf Course is light on traffic, save for the occasional ox-drawn cart.
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GREAT DIVIDE: The view over the border into North Korea.
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LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un (right) in 2012.
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BANK SHOT: A peaceful moment along the Taedong River in Pyongyang. North Korea is so closed off from other nations that it has been nicknamed the Hermit Kingdom.
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COMRADES: Josh Sens's Mongolian playing partner, Tsogo.
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ROUGH GOING: Sens quickly discovered that Pyongyang Golf Course yields few birdies.
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CHOKED UP: The penal layout at Pyongyang is defined by narrow fairways and O.B. stakes.
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WE HAVE A WINNER: With the second North Korean Amateur Open in the books, the champion exalts.