Scotty Cameron on Tour

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Several of the game's best players including Rory McIlroy, Geoff Ogilvy, and Rickie Fowler visit Scotty Cameron's studio in San Marcos, Calif., to have their strokes analyzed and putters optimized. Using several high-speed cameras, Cameron and his staff can determine exactly what is happening at the moment of impact as a player hits a putt.
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This Scotty Cameron putter was tucked neatly into Geoff Ogilvy's bag.
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Although he has most recently been playing with a Nike putter, for over a decade Tiger Woods won all of his major championships using a Scotty Cameron Newport.
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The bottom of Rickie Fowler's Newport putter is a good example of how much customization some pros like. He started playing with this putter at Doral.
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This is the bottom of a Scotty Cameron Tour Rat putter. The concept behind the Tour Rat was to take the best individual qualities of several different Newport putters and combine them into one flatstick. Right now it's available only to PGA Tour pros.
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While this black finish has been seen on prototype putters for over a year, it's still not available to consumers. However, according to Cameron and several Titleist reps, that could change in the future.
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This is an example of a Scotty Cameron prototype putter that has been made available to PGA Tour pros but not the general public. Yet.
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The three red dots milled into the back of Studio Design putters are often referred to as cherry bombs.
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These Newport-style putters feature a gold-colored Teryllium insert.
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At most PGA Tour events there is a colorful selection of Scotty Cameron putters on the practice green for pros to try.
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For major championships and other big events, Cameron often creates specialty head covers and presents them to Titleist staff players and VIPs. Many of these putter head covers also are made available to Club Cameron members on
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Prototype putters in custom-made cases line the walls of the studio.
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The raw steel of this Scotty Cameron putter, which belongs to Aaron Baddeley, has started to rust. However, if you look carefully in the center of the face, you'll notice that the rust is much less prevalent because that's where Baddeley makes contact with the ball on nearly every putt.