Best golf gps, laser range finders, yardage devices

1 of 9 Courtesy of Bushnell
Bushnell Tour Z6 Type: Laser; $399; The Tour Z6 is Bushnell's smallest and fastest laser range finder to date. The 8-ounce unit is engineered to factor in slope and display distance to one-half yard up to 125 yards (+/-1 yard up to 1,300 yards). "Vivid Display" technology enhances contrast, clarity and light in all conditions. Offers 6x magnification.
2 of 9 Courtesy of Garmin
Garmin Approach S3 Type: GPS; $349; This stylish, waterproof watch provides yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, as well as to doglegs, hazards, and other lay-up spots. The "Green View" feature lets you drag the pin to that day's location with a touch of the screen. The 2-ounce unit tracks "time played," includes an odometer and is preloaded with 28,000 courses.
3 of 9 Courtesy of Callaway
Callaway upro mx+ Type: GPS; $249; Preloaded with 25,000 courses, the device has an easy-to-use color touch screen and digital scorecard that tracks stats. The "ProMode" setting displays actual aerial photography (rather than renderings) of a hole for precise video flyovers. Using "Anypoint" technology, you simply select a target on the hole and get the yardage to it.
4 of 9 Courtesy of Golf Buddy
GolfBuddy Voice Type: GPS; $179; With the press of a button, the Voice gives you an audible readout of your yardage to the front, center and back of the green, just as a caddy would. The 1-ounce unit is similar in size to an iPod Shuffle or Nano, and easily clips onto your hat, belt or pants pocket. It's multilingual, and is home to 40,000 courses.
5 of 9 Courtesy of Sonocaddie
Sonocaddie V500
6 of 9 Courtesy of Motorola
Motorola MOTOACTV Golf Edition Type: GPS; $199; This virtual caddie sits on your wrist and gives yardages, keeps score, and tallies greens in regulation, putts, etc. It doubles as a fitness tracker (it can monitor your heart rate and record calories burned during play) and an MP3 player. Users can sync their rounds wirelessly at, and receive texts. Comes with 20,000 courses.
7 of 9 Courtesy of Leupold
Leupold GX-3i Type: Laser; $399; The tournament-legal GX-3i uses an infrared laser -- popular with the U.S. military -- to put your target in the crosshairs, providing accurate measurements to the nearest tenth of a yard up to 800 yards away. The "Prism Lock" feature sends out an audible beep and freezes the display when fixed on a prism-topped flagstick. It weighs 7.8 ounces and features 6x magnification.
8 of 9 Courtesy of Laser Link Golf
Laser Link Switch Type: Laser; $379; The Switch has the ability to change instantly from QuickShot (QS) mode to Red Hot (RH) mode, making it two range finders in one. The QS setting uses Laser Llink reflectors and measures the distance to the flagstick only, while the RH mode measures all targets on the course, from trees to hazards to landmarks.
9 of 9 Courtesy of SkyGolf
SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGXw Type: GPS; $399; The next generation SkyCaddie allows you to connect wirelessly to SkyGolf's vast library of 30,000 courses so that you can easily download the most up-to-date, accurate information. The 5.6-ounce unit has an "IntelliGreen" feature that automatically rotates the shape of the green to match your approach angle, while "IntelliGreen Pro" adds length to green contours, false fronts, etc. An "Optical Trackpad" navigation tool means your fingers don't tap the actual display.